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"Invest when others are scared to invest... only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for 10 years." - Warren Buffett

"Well, art qualifies!"
- Reed V. Horth

Meet Reed V. Horth: Fine Art Concierge

Did you ever notice the kid on the airplane who always drew pictures of the pilots, stewards, and his family while in flight? That kid was Reed V. Horth. His fascination with doodling and his acerbic wit parlayed into an expansive career in the Arts working in close proximity to the world's most influential investors, art collectors, museum directors, and artists.

Growing up as the son of a peripatetic Air Force officer, Reed played ice hockey and football to satisfy one side of himself; and he nurtured the creative half through acting, drawing, and writing. Reed is most likely the only fine arts concierge you'll ever meet who has thrown a perfect 'hip check' during an aggressive hockey game!

From an early age, Reed was fascinated with all aspects of art and international travel. His propensity towards daydreaming and fantasy metamorphosed into an admirer of the paintings, sculpture, and writings of Spanish Master Salvador Dali (1904-1989). "Dali continually challenged viewers to think outside of the norm, not take anything for granted, and always seek deeper meanings," Reed says. "Whether or not you like his aesthetic style, you cannot help but be left with a sense of awe at the imagination it takes to conceptualize his works, and the deft skill he took to craft them."

This 'out-of-the-box' thinking was reflected in Reed's unorthodox approach to studies, travel, sports, and life throughout high school in Tampa, FL, his college years at the University of Florida, and later in his approach to business.

After spending 12 years managing galleries throughout Florida, Reed's depth of knowledge and marketing prowess led him to develop a web-based business model for his company-ROBIN RILE FINE ART.

"Many of the locations of the galleries I worked in were not conducive to foot traffic, so I wanted to build a virtual gallery model dedicated toward customer development, research, and the Internet," says Reed. "I found that the little things counted so much more when you could not look someone in the eye."

Through word-of-mouth customer referrals and targeted research, Reed amassed a database of over 22000 clients, museums, investors, collectors, and luminaries, including members of the Forbes and Fortune 500. Reed is intimately knowledgeable of works by Dali, Rodin, Picasso, Warhol, Lichtenstein, Hirst, Banksy, Rothko, Bacon, Arman, Basquiat, Schnabel, Royo, Hart, MacDonald, and Modigliani-making him a valued resource for a large cross-section of clients.

"I had a client recently complain to me that his painting only ascended 1% per year in the ten years since he purchased it. I asked him what else in his portfolio could offer the same return at this point, and he relented."

This is something he hears quite often as the economy has slowed and people have become more cautious with their discretionary spending. He notes that during slow economic cycles there is a segment of the population who turns to art as a bridge between those investments that lose money and those that maintain or increase in value.

"While art is not a traditional investment vehicle and should not be sold or purchased solely on this criteria, certain artwork has shown stability in the long-term versus others which are constantly in flux." He notes: "In other words, if the artwork is a fad or phase, chances are fairly good that in one decade it will have a statistically diminished capacity to offer monetary gains. If the artwork has quality, historical significance, and image longevity it statistically will be more inclined to maintain or increase in value."

Always the innovator, Reed developed a 'Networking versus Notworking' model for his business development. Through his extensive international contacts, Reed has encouraged the sharing of information to find common threads from which his associates can build their own businesses and reciprocate in kind. "How can you provide a referral to someone unless you know exactly who they are looking for? It is not always who you think!"

During and after business hours, Reed has never tired of all South Florida has to offer.  Reed also enjoys cultivating another talent of his-writing. His writing ranges from satirical, iconoclastic fiction to serious, thought-provoking insights on specific, often controversial, works of art. 

Throughout Reed's career, his instincts, thought processes, and business applications reflect the unorthodox visions of Dali. Pushing this creative envelope keeps him attuned to the next great opportunity for his clients, friends, and contacts-and that equals success.

Reed V. Horth
Robin Rile Fine Art Concierge