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The Art Of Synergy
Synergy means the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
In math, 1 + 1 + 1 = 3. Apply synergy to math, and you might say that 1 + 1 + 1 = 9. Take Michael Colyer’s individual talents, add them together, and you get one passionate example of synergy. For over 25 years, Michael has been zealously helping companies expand their business through highly creative and resourceful advertising and marketing strategies. His success is derived when you combine all the right parts—you get more than you expected. Take a look at some of the parts that make up Michael Colyer.

Entrepreneurial experience. When it comes to being an entrepreneur, he gets it. When it comes to pursuing a business dream, fueling fresh ideas with passion and building it into success, he’s done it. Other than a three-week stint as somebody’s employee, Michael has been an accomplished business owner for nearly 40 years. Entrepreneurship is all he’s ever known and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

When it comes to out-smarting the competition through strategic advertising, Michael is completely, utterly, and passionately brilliant. Pure genius. When his attention is focused on marketing, he is pursuing his creative destiny.

It started in his early 20s. After enjoying a few gigs as a club singer and part-time model, Michael’s young mind went to work. He developed London House Models, an agency and school designed to groom raw talent into polished, working models. The concept took off and became a small chain of agencies/schools in six Midwestern states. Part of the curriculum involved cosmetics, training models how to apply and wear makeup to their advantage. Michael’s next venture was to develop and promote an in-house line of cosmetics available in the agencies and retail outlets.

“I’ve rarely earned a paycheck—I’ve created them,” Michael said. “The world is full of people with great ideas. Many of them form a business and open their doors. But a successful business is more than a great idea—it’s being able to bring the people into those doors—that’s what makes a business successful.” About other business owners, he said, “I am what they are. I am an entrepreneur. I have to keep my business afloat just like they do. And I love it. I wouldn’t do anything else.”

Creative juices. Spend an afternoon with Michael and you can’t help but notice that creativity is not what he does—it is who he is. An incredible artist, photographer, graphic designer, writer, musician, and critical thinker, Michael sees the world just a little bit differently than most. When he creates an advertising strategy—whether it involves websites, printed materials, audio/visual promotions, or a technology tactic—every aspect flows from his own innate ability to create something beautiful and powerful. Like Steve Jobs of Mac fame, Michael perfects design and function.

Forward thinking. Anybody can spend a lot of money on advertising. One of Michael’s talents is to spend less money in more unique ways to leverage every advertising dollar to its highest advantage. A voracious student of trends, technology, tools, and talent, he’ll step as far outside of the box as possible, either for the sake of design or effectiveness. When Michael looks at a market, he looks at it from many unique perspectives at once: the perspective of the business owner, the customer, the satisfied client, the unsatisfied client needing re-convinced, the forgetful client needing reminded, and the untapped technology resources available to reach farther and higher.

Pure brain power. Left-brainers specialize in analytical thinking and right-brainers specialize in creative thinking. Michael blows this theory away; just take a fat pink erasure to the line between his left and right. When he thinks about your unique business, he brings a unified intelligence to the table. You’ll be impressed, even though he doesn’t flaunt it because smart is who he is; he can’t help himself. So when he markets your business, he has first analyzed it, understood it, applied experience to it, and then powerfully and artistically created a plan to promote it to the sky.

Community. Interwoven into the business and creative side of life, Michael cares about the fundamentals: family, friends, and giving back. One of his deepest desires is to share with others how they, too, can be successful—for no other reason than that he cares.

Passion. When vacations aren’t that inviting; when new ideas make life worth living; when work is a hobby and a hobby is work; when design and beauty share an equal stage with function and results; when excitement becomes the hallmark of each day’s work…that barely touches the surface of Michael Colyer’s passion. Passion for life. Passion for creativity. Passion for business. It’s hard to describe; it takes more than one conversation to realize its depth.

Synergy. It more than adds up. Take Michael’s abilities in entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation, intelligence, and absolute passion for excellence, wrap them up into a single package, and you’ll find an art-form that is Michael Colyer.

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