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A Chain of Events
The butterfly effect theorizes that a single butterfly flapping its wings in one part of the world sets events in motion that cause a hurricane across the ocean. 

Mary Hall never dreamed on a morning in 2001 that the day’s horrific events would later turn into something as successful as iHealthSpot, Inc. Except rather than a butterfly, Mary’s catalyst was two thousand pounds of ripping metal, shattered glass, squealing tires, and splintered bones. 

When the car accident mangled her leg, Mary was busy succeeding. She had started in retail management and had advanced tremendously. With drive, intelligence, and a spark of friendly humor, she was now directing a team of 75 and had recently launched three top-rated, profitable entertainment websites to augment Hollywood Media’s extensive operations. Pretty amazing considering her childhood career goal was to become the first female NFL coach in history. 

Mary’s parents repeatedly told their kids, “You can be anything you want to be.” Her mom was a rock, home with the kids until nursing school at age 40. Her dad was a postmaster for 30 years: loyal, honest, and hardworking. Sundays were sacred to the family for one reason alone—football.

Mary and her dad shared an intense loyalty to the Miami Dolphins, shouting at the TV, calling the plays, disgusted when Coach Don Shula didn’t do it their way. Mary was convinced she would take his place someday, until age 16 when she reluctantly changed her mind. Smart and determined, she realized there was probably no future for a female coach in the NFL. She majored in business instead and was climbing the corporate ladder when the accident shifted her gears.

In the hospital, Mary met a wonderful orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Steve Meadows. He did a phenomenal job of fixing her leg, but it took a year and several operations before she could walk. She and Dr. Meadows became well-acquainted in the process. Meanwhile, as a self-titled “information rat,” Mary had time on her hands and an internet connection. She searched online for information about her treatment and condition, and soon became frustrated at the lack of solid medical information and the abundance of misinformation.

“Do you have a website?” she asked Dr. Meadows one day.
“No,” he answered, knowing he should have one but too busy to put much effort into it. A few months later he hired a guy to take care of it.

“You’re into technology,” he said weeks later. “I’m getting a website; why don’t you take a look?”

Mary did and was slightly horrified at what she found. After all the months she’d spent researching medical information, the thought of one more inadequate, poorly-designed physician’s website struck a raw nerve. And then, the idea struck as well.

Mary called Eric Soto, a former co-worker and technical genius who sold his first computer program at age 12. “Let’s build this guy a website,” she said. She knew she wasn’t alone; there had to be a market for a doctor’s website with meat to it. Not an online brochure, but something brimming with useful tools and trustworthy patient information. She recalled the months of tedious forms…the many phone calls…looking for lab results…why not streamline the whole time-consuming process? Why not build a site with real information, online forms, and efficient communication tools right where patients could get to it? They didn’t call it the information superhighway for nothing! She envisioned a full-featured, content-rich web destination with patient education at its core and automated processes making life easier for everyone.

With her creative inspiration and Eric's technical brilliance, was born. Dr. Meadows was thrilled and became a partner. As Chief Medical Officer, he now oversees all patient education development and the physician review board. Mary's husband Nicholas, a brilliant financial professional, became part of the team. 

Today, iHealthSpot, Inc. provides turnkey web presence solutions that allow physicians to offer information and services 24 hours a day to increasingly web-savvy patients and consumers. Patients can request appointments, order prescriptions, and get condition-specific information anytime. These rich customized websites—virtual extensions of the offices, really—have proven to maximize practice visibility, increase patient satisfaction, decrease patient waiting times, and reduce staff time on the phone!

iHealthSpot’s award-winning patient education library is unmatched. Authored by PhD’s and board certified physicians, all articles are peer reviewed for accuracy, creating high-caliber, high-trust sources for patients to turn to, all from their own physician’s website. The materials are presented in a patient-friendly, easy to understand, multi-media format. This extensive library of patient education resources has won two WWW Health Awards for excellence in online patient education.

It was an idea whose time had come. All because the creative, curious, and practical Mary Hall broke her leg, wanted more information, and knew exactly how to deliver it—quickly, seamlessly, efficiently, and affordably. Doctors, dentists, and patients can’t thank her enough.

Today, Mary Hall enjoys life. Fully recovered from the accident, she and Nicholas recently celebrated a decade of marriage. Their only “child,” a spoiled cat named Gromit, keeps them entertained at home. The family enjoys the outdoors, particularly boating, and loves traveling together throughout the more remote islands of the Caribbean. Whether working, relaxing, or traveling, Mary continually appreciates her health, her family, and her many satisfied clients

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