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Global warming.  Saving the planet.  We have heard it before, but few of us have actually taken on the challenge.  Joseph Winn has not only devoted most of his young life to the cause, but as CEO of GreenProfit Solutions, Inc., Joe has become a leader in educating the business world on environmental sustainability, and brings with him an innovative idea whereby Going Green not only helps our communities and planet, but also provides a substantial lift to the company’s bottom line: Going Green and Earning Green.   

Known today by his business associates as the “Green Guy”, this native Floridian made environmental preservation his goal before he even completed elementary school.  A primary motivation came about on an Eco-tour in the Florida Keys. Upon stopping the semi-rigid inflatable boat near the mangroves, the guide reached with a seemingly random motion into the bottom substrate.  Pulling his hand out, a basketball-sized conch shell came into view.  Peering closer, with the inquisitive eyes of a 7-year old, no conch was seen, but the dripping sand and water exposed a giant claw making its way out of the shell.  Connected to the appendage, as if from a science fiction movie, was a hermit crab of equal size.  The guide offered it to the young Joseph, and as he observed this new life form from another place, his world was changed forever.  Even as a small boy, his life adopted a new purpose.  That hermit crab was the transition from race car driver or train conductor to his true calling.

His love of our oceans led him to become a certified Divemaster and provided the opportunity to open others’ eyes to the magic below the waves through SCUBA diving. Embracing the idea of lifelong learning, he achieved scientific diver qualification and participated in an active underwater archaeological project during 2007 and 2008. 

 In 2006, as a member of the University of Miami’s Marine Mammal Stranding Team, Key Largo’s Marine Mammal Conservancy, and Miami’s Marine Animal Rescue Society, he assisted in rescue, rehabilitation, and eventual release efforts of many species of marine mammals.  Joe took to heart the impact of directly helping another intelligent animal so that one day it may again swim in its native habitat.  Looking into their understanding eyes, he knew something had to be done to make sure humanity’s effects on their world were dramatically diminished.

After being an active member and officer of just about every environmental organization on campus, Joe graduated from the University of Miami with a bachelor’s degree in Marine Affairs and Policy, all the while participating in an accelerated 5-year Masters program in the same field.  The formation of his company was actually an outgrowth of the ideas contained in his Masters Project…ideas which had been only imagined by a young boy, conceived as a college student, and finally put to work as a business professional.

Guided by his father, Keith, who is a professional marketer and also the COO of the company, Joseph has remained committed to the local and national business communities.  An ardent learner and driven motivator, he is focused on educating the uneducated. Today you will find him working with national trade organizations as well as small local companies.  From hosting online webinars to educational workshops and industry related speaking engagements, his passion grabs hold of his audiences while providing hope and inspiration towards meaningful action. While discussing ideas with local government officials, Joe was invited to attend the first meeting of the Broward County Climate Change Task Force, and will be taking an active role in its efforts towards the transition to a more sustainable business and residential community.

Besides diving, Joe enjoys spending time with friends and family boating, hiking, travelling and even riding his Harley, especially in events aimed to assist the needy.  

GreenProfit Solutions, Inc. specializes in assisting all types and sizes of businesses Go Green, and then provides the support for each client to benefit financially by their commitment to environmental sustainability. Joe sees this business as an opportunity to put into practice all he has learned and experienced to truly change the world, one business and one individual at a time.  “Many people believe that to become environmentally friendly, they have to build a wind turbine in front of their house and give up the luxuries they’ve become accustomed to having.  This is simply not true.  If each of us make small but meaningful changes, the results will be significant.”  Thanks, Green Guy. 

Joseph Winn
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