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“It’s not the pursuit of happiness that matters; it is rather the happiness of pursuit. Enjoy the work of whatever your hands are on at that moment. Enjoy it and work as hard as you can—and then you’ll be happy.”     Duane (Rosey) Rosenberger (1925–2000), B-17 Flying Fortress Crewman, cowboy, deer whisperer, raised in the Big Horn Mountains north of Casper, Wyoming, and the father of Joseph “Rosey” Rosenberger.


A Man in Demand

Some say that when Michelangelo began the three-year project that yielded the famed Renaissance sculpture of David, he quietly observed the massive marble stone, believing that the sculpture already lived within. He then carefully, systematically, and ingeniously chipped away at anything that wasn’t David.


That’s what Joseph “Rosey” Rosenberger does for executives. It’s as if there lives inside each organization a core set of processes handled by intelligent people who could reach fantastic heights of performance, if you could simply chip away at those parts that don’t belong to the masterpiece. Adjust this method; take away that obstacle; re-route this product; re-invent that procedure; and voila! A work of operational brilliance is revealed that was there all along; it just needed vision and clarity; the touch of an artist. It’s called Process Triage™ and it’s nothing short of pure genius.


Rosey grew up a quarter mile from Billy the Kid’s grave near the Pecos River in New Mexico. His dad rode the rodeo circuit when the winnings were pick-up money, belt buckles, and saddles. His parents owned only a truck, two horses, and the horse trailer, living in the truck from rodeo to rodeo. Joe’s birth inspired them to settle down, and his mom taught elementary school art for 18 years before becoming a full-time artist. His dad ran a thoroughbred training and breeding business. And Rosey absorbed it all—his mom’s artistic vision and his dad’s work ethic, merged into one brilliant young man.


"I had a dad who taught me to work like a slave and a mom who said I could do anything," Rosey shared. "My dad always said, 'It's not the pursuit of happiness that matters; it is rather, the happiness of pursuit. Enjoy the work of whatever your hands are on at that moment. Enjoy it and work as hard as you can-and then you'll be happy.'"


Rosey has been happiest when working ever since.

After a solid education with a BS in telecommunications and graduate studies in business, he worked in telecommunications as a data and process modeler. Now, through Process TriageTM, he provides consulting services to executives and organizations who want-and need-to quickly, seriously, shape things up. As a process engineer, he has developed an incredible business modeling, process design, and collaborative troubleshooting method revolving around a process workshop and delivering an elaborate-yet strikingly clear-workflow map. In simpler terms, he helps everyone get on the same page and see the now-obvious ways to do things smarter, faster, with less cost, more profits, and greater efficiencies. And everyone seems to go away happy with a clear plan on how to do it better.


Because David has emerged from the block of stone.


Rosey's Process TriageTM system is simultaneously simple and complex. The fact that he can spend one-to-three days with an organization's leaders, effortlessly facilitate discussions so that no one is fault-finding and everyone takes ownership in improvements, and end up with a comprehensible process map of the organization-as well as a clear focus on how to best implement efficiencies-is nothing short of pure genius.


"My phone hasn't stopped ringing since 1993," said Rosey. It was then that he mapped his first process, identified the weaknesses, eliminated the breaking points, and cut the service delivery time from over 21 days to under 5, winning a big contract for his company and earning the respect of every stakeholder in the organization. Since that time he has facilitated over 800 process triage workshops, spent 20,000 hours assisting executive teams, and taught and learned from over 10,000 experts involved in a wide variety of business processes. Rosey's methods are ideally suited for designing new processes for start-ups, where discovery is important, and for cross-cultural international workflows requiring clear definitions of roles and responsibilities.


He's done it so often, and so well, that his brain practically thinks in terms of business processes. Results? Fast, effective, outcomes with laser-point precision. And smiling executives who now look good to their stakeholders and stockholders because of hard, firm, profit-building results.


Rosey Rosenberger is a humble man; he sees this visionary ability as a gift. And process improvements are not all he gives; here's a guy who volunteers as a mentor and life coach to kids without dads; has coached youth sports, and remains a solid family man. He credits his devoted wife, Pam, for much of his success. "She's a consummately professional nurse and an inspiration for what matters in life; leaving every person and every moment better than you found it," he said. Rosey has lovingly raised two daughters, and does whatever needs done in any organization he joins.


"He's a guy of high integrity," said his associate Gary Medford, management consultant and principal at BUCS Analytics in Sacramento. "He tells it how he sees it with gentleness and respect. If a process isn't working effectively, is costing a lot, or experiencing unacceptable errors, Joe gets everyone in the room and gets them all speaking the same language. His process maps tell the story, which takes out all the finger pointing. It's a wonderful way to get cross-organizational conflicts ironed out in a very professional way. I've used him to help me manage my processes as well as with large cross-organizational projects. Once they get a taste of what he can do, he's a man in demand!"

Joseph (Rosey) Rosenberger
Process Triage, LLC