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Meet James F. Weinsier: Author and Eternal Optimist!

"Accomplishment" is one of James Weinsier's two favorite words! To illustrate, the author describes the conclusion of a perfect day as: "going to sleep at night, knowing that I accomplished something constructive - it could be trimming a hedge or writing - I just want to feel that I did not waste a single moment on earth."

James Weinsier's business life was as varied as the subject matters he now writes about.  Born in New York City and raised on Long Island, he joined the family refrigerated warehouse business after completing his college education and six years of volunteer service in the Naval Air Reserve. After successes in the food distribution and interior design industries, he transitioned into the manufacturing and servicing of lake and architectural fountains. Aquadisplays, Inc. enjoyed an impressive eighteen year-run before James sold the business and retired with his wife Peggy to their current residence in Fernandina Beach, Florida.

We have to credit James' daughter, Jennifer, and his father, Randolph, as the catalysts for the metamorphosis from businessman to author. James wanted to create a very special gift to commemorate Jennifer's twenty-first birthday and college graduation. Weaving his love for her into verses, James' talent for writing crystallized and he presented her with a journal of special memories they had shared throughout the years. Jennifer was so touched by the gift that James continued the unique journal gifting tradition for the next seven years. When the next milestone occurred, his father's ninetieth birthday, James had the perfect keepsake for him. He created 'generic' versions of his favorite journal selections and presented Randolph with his first published book of poetry - Here... and Afterthoughts.

Three years elapsed before James Weinsier penned his second book, More...Thoughts, self described as "a collection of reflections and ideas from everyday life that seem to be worthwhile." James Weinsier's biggest challenge as a writer - father - grandfather, and son - was yet to come. To understand how he dealt with it, let's reveal his other favorite word


This is how James views life, and perhaps more importantly, the afterlife. For James, both are filled with endless possibilities! He found strength in this positive belief as he addressed an extremely personal situation.

In 2006, James Weinsier lost his father, son, and a grandson. Besides coping with indescribable personal grief, he was confronted with answering the age old question posed by his other young grandchildren: "What happens to us after we die?" James knew there was only one way for him to respond - he would tap into his optimism, channel the passion that guides all of his works, and write from the heart!

The result was Where Do We Go? This book exemplifies his fervent belief in the "silver lining theory." Far more than a personal catharsis for the tragic events his family had confronted, more than even his reflective response to his three grandkids at the time, the author was moved to write a book that would help families who had faced or were currently facing similar losses.

The word "death" doesn't appear in the book. Rather, the author begins by asking the question, "Where do we go when we leave this earth?" and then proceeds to engage and encourage a child's imagination by presenting endless "possibilities" as answers. Fear of finality is replaced with hope of new and wondrous beginnings!

James Weinsier is currently working on a coloring book that will be an extension of Where Do We Go? It will include several blank pages to allow children to express themselves and their feelings about losing a loved one. In Weinsier's own words "One of my intentions for writing the book is to aid parents in explaining the loss to bewildered children while they're muddling in their own grief. Hopefully, dealing with the experience together will be of some comfort to both."

Another children's book is currently in the developmental stages and will present James' audience with possibilities for making the world a better place - from protecting the environment to getting along with others. Yet another perfect avenue for fulfillment of this devoted husband, dedicated family man, and all-around good soul finds in impacting humanity in positive ways.  

Easing the way for children and adults when faced with one of life's most difficult moments and stimulating young minds to think about improving the quality of life on our planet are two outstanding accomplishments to say the least - and highly diverse. Based on the author's definition of a "perfect day," he is living a perfect life!

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