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“The key difference between security and reliability is that security must take into account the actions of people attempting to cause destruction.” – author unknown

Send a nice boy from Iowa to Florida in wintertime and he may decide to stay.  Corey Ranslem left -10° weather in Iowa, landed in Orlando, Florida and discovered not only a new career, but also a whole new life.  “It was 74°, a little cloudy, and just beautiful,” he recalled. “All of a sudden, I was in paradise in summertime.  I looked around and said ‘I am never leaving this.’”  And he hasn’t; but we digress.  

In December 1994, Corey spent his first US Coast Guard tour based at Cape Canaveral, Florida, patrolling Caribbean waters looking for drug and immigrant smugglers.  He had intended to use his Coast Guard service as an entrance into government service, with his sights on the Federal Bureau of Investigation or perhaps the Drug Enforcement Administration.  With his Coast Guard enlistment coming to a close, Corey was ready to move towards that goal.

Fate intervened.  He was recalled to active duty and sent to Ground Zero in New York after the terrorist attacks on 9-11.  His 25-member unit assisted New York police and fire forces and port patrols, riding the chemical tankers and securing the harbor.  “It was like a war zone,” he said.  The pile of wreckage seven stories tall and the makeshift memorials around the perimeter moved him to tears more than once.  “I just couldn’t believe someone would do this to my country.”  He still remembers the smell - the horrible, acrid smell of burnt metal and burning fuel.  Corey knew he would never again view security the same way.

After leaving the Coast Guard in 2002, Corey accepted a job with Smiths Detection, a manufacturer of the x-ray machines often used in airport security.  “We also used Smiths’ electronic equipment in the Coast Guard to detect narcotics,” he said.  “You can see down to a billionth of a gram. It’s really fascinating.”  He completed Smiths’ security training program and became a project manager for aviation security checkpoints in developing countries in Africa.  Constantly traveling for the next 16 months, he steadily advanced within the company, becoming a regional manger based in Washington, DC.  

“My job was exciting; I was working on security issues for the White House, but I wanted to be back in Florida and back in the maritime environment.”  Right on cue, he met the team at Secure Waters, a maritime security and consulting firm that focused on commercial and government clients and was ready for expansion.  When he joined the company in 2006, Corey brought with him a wealth of solid, real life experience, specialized military training and expertise, a BS in Communication with a minor in Political Science, and an MBA in International Business from Georgetown University.  Using his skills and credentials, he helped expand Secure Waters into the recreational marine sector, focusing on providing security for large yachts and providing maritime consulting on an international operational level.  Now the CEO and part owner of Secure Waters, his team is impressive.  His business partners are former US Coast Guard, they hire only experienced professionals, and they are among the elite in the business.  Their approach to security is logical, comprehensive, and focused on the client’s specific needs – from planning through implementation.

Corey is a masterful juggler of time, energy, and talent.  Each month he flies to Washington for meetings with government clients.  He keeps a steady pulse on the yachting industry through his work at Secure Waters.  An expert in port and ship security matters, he travels extensively and recently presented security updates to yacht captains in St. Maarten.  He chairs the Marine Industries Association of South Florida Security Committee, and is involved with the Marina Mile Association, Maritime Security Council, U.S. Superyacht Association, ASIS International, and the Broward Navy Days.  Through the Broward Navy Days and the Miami Chapter of ASIS International, he’s currently raising money to build the Fisher House at the Miami Veterans Hospital.  He attends Calvary Chapel in Ft. Lauderdale, and volunteers as an usher during Saturday night services, in the men’s ministry, and in the Impact Singles ministry.  Whew!

“I love South Florida,” Corey says, “It’s the only place other than Iowa that feels like home to me.”  Wanting to be even closer to the heart of the yachting industry, Corey plans on moving his office from North Miami Beach to Fort Lauderdale ….  a move his dog, Bruno, heartily agrees with!  

Honest, highly energetic, with an unwavering “can do” attitude, Corey (and his team) provide reliable security to an array of clients, never forgetting his military experiences or 9-11, and determined no one will cause destruction to anything or anyone on his watch.  I believe him.

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