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Relationship Builder.

Always seeking to better himself, Christopher has looked to both family and faith for guidance starting with his father, a law enforcement officer. Admiring his father’s ability to establish strong relationships with many types of people, Christopher vowed to be a "people person." Attentive to his mother’s teachings of honesty, frugality, and saving, Christopher learned to live within his means and to be prepared for occasional rainy days. Within his family, his aunt helped cement the lessons learned from his parents by encouraging new relationships and reminding him of the spiritual values necessary for a meaningful life.  Reverend Charles Stanley and his home church, Calvary Chapel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, continue to help guide Christopher on the path he has chosen – one of faith and personal integrity.

Believing that learning never stops, Christopher incorporates it into his relaxation as he regularly listens to religious sermons and motivational speakers. This favored pastime helps him stay focused on a positive and uplifting future so no matter how the business market changes, Christopher sees the cup as half full rather than half empty. During any challenge, he can still hear his grandmother reminding him "it could be worse." 

Christopher started selling real estate for Coldwell Banker as an agent in Sunrise, Florida in 1999, and his team quickly grew to 25 agents. His clients were diverse - professional athletes, celebrities, doctors, policemen, fire fighters, and city employees. He developed an impressive referral network by building solid client relationships, doing exactly as he agreed, and being honest and truthful. Christopher became the leading real estate and mortgage producer for Coldwell Banker and a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Roundtable Club by building those strong relationships. 

In 2003, Christopher saw the need for a full service "one stop shop" approach to real estate that would also provide related services including lending/financing, property management, and other business opportunities. Based on this innovative, comprehensive vision and with his Real Estate Broker License in hand, the Christopher White Group in Fort Lauderdale was born. It continues to flourish through his network of satisfied clients telling their friends about Christopher and his seamless closings and personal service. 

Christopher continues to keep several steps ahead of the real estate and business markets. He has an uncanny sense of what is hot and what is not. When the housing market ran into sub-prime loan problems, Christopher was once again ahead of the curve, ferreting out the best opportunities for his clients, ever mindful of the constantly changing financial landscape. 

Through his network of strong relationships, he finds the very best opportunities in commercial properties, bulk residential packages, and high-end homes. In commercial real estate, Christopher favors income-producing properties. Bulk packages of homes that have been collected over time by individuals or corporate investors are usually not available to the general public and represent a good opportunity for Christopher's turnkey property management division. 

High-end properties in Fort Lauderdale, both on and off the many waterways of “the Venice of America,” are favored by yacht owners, and luxury homes with dockage - especially direct ocean access – are always in demand. Christopher loves to show the safe, welcoming, elegant homes on the islands off Las Olas Boulevard and share his personal neighborhood experiences with prospective buyers. 

Christopher knows he cannot do everything himself and relationships come into play again and again. Using his networking skills and business savvy, the Christopher White Group has teamed up with Bank of America and Regions Bank to provide personal service to his prospective buyers. Christopher also relies heavily on his staff of highly competent realtors, mortgage brokers, attorneys, property managers, and (especially) his Sales Directors, Raymond Riley and Danny Richardson, to keep his company smoothly moving forward. 

Even at the gym, Christopher practices his steady self-discipline and commitment to “doing what’s right.” His passion for physical fitness is consistent with his core values. Inspired by his clients who are professional athletes, his early morning daily exercise routine focuses on a schedule that is rigorous, varied, complete, and religiously followed. He recognizes that his main reward is how a good workout makes him feel and knows that good conditioning helps him snow ski in Aspen during annual vacations without serious injury - even if he takes a fall or two.

Whether talking with Christopher on the ski slopes, at the gym, after church, or in his office, you will discover he continually embodies his slogan "We Provide Results, Not Excuses."  It is a promise and his way of maintaining the strong relationships he’s built throughout his life.

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