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"Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward.  They may be beaten, but they may start a winning game." - Goethe.


As an award-winning entrepreneur, Chris Muccio is no stranger to publicity.  Go to his company's website ( and you'll learn that Chris is a business growth specialist who leverages his expertise with social media to position companies to prosper using cutting edge tools.  Check out and you'll find his best seller 42 Rules for 24-Hour Success on LinkedIn:  Practical ideas to help you quickly achieve your desired business success.  Cruise over to CFO Strategist ( and discover why Chris is recognized by CEOs and CFOs for his ability to deliver strong, sustainable results in finance, operations, and information management. Or, visit his LinkedIn profile ( and spend a few minutes reading about his many accomplishments.


So, who is Chris Muccio?  Born and raised in New York, Chris earned his Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the State University of New York at Albany.  As a graduate student, he not only completed his MBA in one year, he also won the annual Business Plan Competition and was named a Matherly Scholar - the highest honor awarded by the University of Florida's MBA program.  Chris initially thought he'd return to New York City, but caught a glimpse of the diverse business opportunities Florida offered and has been a Floridian for 15 years.


Chris began his career with Coopers & Lybrand, where he passed the CPA exam and quickly decided to combine his accounting knowledge (retrospective) with his finance knowledge (prospective). The first defining moment in his career came in 1995 with Y2K looming on the horizon.  Windows 95 had revolutionized the way business was conducted and he instantly recognized the possibilities.  Soon he was flying all over the world, having fun sharing his incentive based training with finance people on 5 continents.


Looking for ways to maximize profit improvement, Chris came across social media.  Social media reminded him of eCommerce; those who figured it out prospered while others struggled and often failed.  A game changer.  Social media is about communication; at the end of the day, it breaks down traditional communication barriers.  Knowing communication means different things to different people, Chris asked himself, "Which of these social media sites are really going to make the most profound difference?"  His analysis led him to LinkedIn, a business focused website.  His in-depth analysis of LinkedIn resulted in his writing a book that became an Amazon best seller. 


For Chris, this is a wild, wild, west time.  It's an exciting time made even more intriguing during this economic meltdown.  It's a time to learn how to leverage these tools and convert them into something operationally useful and profitable.  Now is the time to focus on using the power of social media.  It is one low cost remedy to help generate new business in this current economic crisis and beyond.


The personal rewards for Chris are many: he loves innovation, believes strongly in vision, and respects people who support their vision with strategy, insight, initiative, and action.  He thrives on being around cutting edge ideas and enjoys teaching others.  Although Chris didn't have a key mentor, he's devoted many hours to mentoring others and has been involved with numerous charities, organizations, and business associations over the years.


And what would Chris do if he weren't doing what he does now?  Just do less of it.  He loves what he does.  He'll conduct webinars, share his knowledge and insights, and influence others whether addressing large audiences or speaking one to one.


Result oriented, visionary, innovative, and team driven - Chris is also an avid sports fan.  We're talking sports - tennis, football, baseball, a huge Yankee fan, and a regular at the gym.  This world traveler says his perfect vacation would be a wonderful 4th of July picnic in Colorado or North Carolina, or a wintry New England day with friends and family.  A perfect day for Chris means having a balanced life: work, family, relaxation, and time for healthy pursuits (sports or other athletic activity).


His favorite meal?  Italian - a sumptuous chicken parmesan with a perfect sauce and melt-in-your mouth chicken.  Shared, of course, with his wife.


Chris is the man you want up to bat at the bottom of the ninth with the bases loaded.  He has low tolerance for inaction in the face of difficulty, feelings of entitlement, or excessive worry about those things out of one's control.  He's the chess player who can play several games simultaneously, turning each game into strategic, well-placed moves.  Excelling in strategically converting complex business issues into manageable tactical plans, Chris delivers his insights with rapier intelligence, genuine warmth, and his infectious laugh.  Check him out.

Chris Muccio
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