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“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” “I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious.”
Albert Einstein 

“Curiouser and curiouser!” Cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English).
Alice in Wonderland

Carolyn Fisher would get along well with Albert Einstein. Not that she’s into theoretical physics, or any physics, for that matter. It’s just that she possesses qualities that old Albert praised: incessant curiosity and a lifelong desire to know and to grow.

These very qualities have translated into just the tenacity and savvy Carolyn needed to brightly succeed in the formerly male-dominated world of media advertising. 

“I’m curious,” she said recently. “I want to know all there is to know about the media. It doesn’t matter how much I already know. I know what works. I know what doesn’t work. But that doesn’t stop me from always trying to think of new ways to reach an audience for my clients. I’m constantly thinking of how to make it work better for them.”

But we’re getting ahead. To know who Carolyn Fisher is today, we must look at the root. Raised by a grandmother who stood strong before strong women were called feminists, Carolyn’s soft demeanor shields the casual onlooker from one tough businesswoman. Not tough as in difficult…tough as in able to stand her ground and persistently negotiate the best terms for her clients. Her role models were entrepreneurs who imparted independence and a willingness to take risks. As a single parent raising two sons, Carolyn’s core strength and drive brought her through joys and hard times with passion. Today she surrounds herself with real friends—true friends—not numbered by quantity but measured by quality. 

Strong, independent, and increasingly curious—that’s Carolyn Fisher!

honed the art of research. She fine-tuned when to cut costs and how to spend wisely without sacrificing results. 

Respect for her work grew with her reputation for success. After over a decade in airtime sales and commercial production, Carolyn began to explore the idea of her own agency. She possessed an arsenal of assets: fierce independence, a network of solid industry contacts, and a storehouse of knowledge that couldn’t be stopped. Because Carolyn never stopped learning.

Carolyn’s natural curiosity has always channeled her career. Her first advertising job was selling ad space for Parents magazine. Few women were in advertising then, labeling it “too difficult” a career, but Carolyn was fully engaged before she knew it was supposed to be difficult. She found it intriguing, appealing, and was having a darn good time. Carolyn pursued success, produced results, and learned more. She researched target audiences, market share, response statistics, and everything else there was to know. After a stint with a regional Florida business magazine selling ad space, Carolyn received an offer that changed her direction: selling air time for an ABC TV affiliate.

Television opened a new promotional world with its own jargon, acronyms, and multimedia dimensions. Carolyn’s curiosity flourished—so much to learn! As her career progressed, Carolyn mastered the ins and outs of selling airtime, producing commercials, and promoting businesses on cable, television, radio, newspapers, and any other conceivable media. She 

Always on the frontier of multimedia developments, Carolyn bought her first computer before any of her peers. She explored the internet before it was popular. Today as she guides clients to develop marketing strategies, build brands, maximize returns on advertising dollars, and increase market share, she’s constantly thinking of new ways to penetrate the target for less money and more impact. It is no wonder that her company, CFC Communications, offers incredible results in media purchasing and advertising.

CFC Communications is like a specialty boutique—and large ad agencies are like big-box stores. “Large agencies have a large overhead and clients get lost in the shuffle,” Carolyn explained. “Large agencies can lose sight of how to maximize client dollars. Sure, they get creative. But they often lose focus. They focus on what’s pretty instead of what sells.”

“I run a tighter ship,” she continued. “It’s more hands on. I get creative on how to get the highest response for the money spent. Many don’t realize that advertising is negotiable—and complicated. You have to know how it works to get the best deal. Trying to buy advertising on your own is like going to court without a lawyer or filing taxes without an accountant. Or buying a home without an agent. It can be done. But you don’t end up with the best results—and mistakes are always costly.”

“Advertising works,” she said. “In a large marketplace, it’s a necessity. It builds credibility. It helps your business grow and expand.”

She would know. (And if she didn’t know, she’d get curious and find out.) With solid experience and the ability to research, negotiate, and produce results, Carolyn Fisher offers tremendous value to the business community. She’s soft and tough at the same time. She thinks outside the box. As Alice in Wonderland said, she’s “curiouser and curiouser.” And that very curiosity drives Carolyn to help businesses grow. 

Carolyn Fisher
CFC Communications
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