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Before technology mainstreamed, Adam Kessler was a ‘geek’. It is simply the way his brain is wired.

In Florida, at the University of Miami, Adam studied studio music and jazz and architecture, eventually combining those skills as a recording studio designer and owner. Later, as an audio technician at a major casino in Atlantic City, he designed, maintained and operated that property’s extensive audio systems. Six years into troubleshooting systems and mixing sound for a myriad of world renowned entertainers, computers entered his life. Adam became an early master of the PC as a tool for designing audio systems and recording studios. 

In 1993 when Florida beckoned again, he took a position as a CAD operator for a small company. It had an early Novell network that required a savvy computer geek—a perfect fit. After completing courses at Keiser College for network administration, Adam realized his niche—computer networking.

Adam’s natural intelligence and aggressive ability to devour knowledge kept him ahead of rapidly changing hardware and software developments. When he started Eden Engineering, Adam could design and troubleshoot networks better than anyone in the business. Since 1999, Eden Engineering has been expertly managing business networks in the Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach tri-county area. 

Adam said recently, “My goal is to work myself out of a job. When everything is up and stable, computer systems are a resource—not a burden—and that’s what I strive for. If I do my job right, my clients hardly ever see me.”

Successful geeks keep both eyes on the future and Adam is no exception. This guy has an amazing vision for the evolution of computing mobility—and he’s excited.

“We are moving toward a new paradigm for small and medium businesses,” he said. “Actually, it’s an old paradigm…” He explained that in the days of mainframes, business computers and their applications were centrally located and managed. Next, personal computing distributed the technology outward. Small businesses now had computing power never before imagined. PCs brought freedom and performance, but also fostered unforeseen problems. 

Who maintains the network? Who installs, upgrades, and maintains the operating system and applications? Who backs up critical data? Many businesses without the IT staff typical of larger companies have gotten lost in this extensive maze. 

As technology evolves, high-speed and wireless internet access has become ubiquitous. A cross-country sales force can hold virtual meetings without the cost or inconvenience of travel. Telecommuting has opened doors to fluid human resources and lower overhead. Branch or virtual offices can open instantly…if the technology is in place. Small businesses can avail themselves of all of the benefits of Fortune 500 companies.

That’s where the paradigm shift comes in. The new wave of mobile business computing is about to explode because of what Adam describes as the hosted environment and centralized applications and data. This is known now as SaaS or Software as a Service, which means applications and data are available from anywhere at anytime. A user’s desktop, applications, and data go everywhere the user goes.

Applications such as Microsoft Office, CRM, accounting packages, or custom applications can reside at the data center and be delivered on demand. In this model, businesses need only pay for the applications they use—when they use them. The latest versions are always available and the need to purchase new software fades, along with persistent capital expense. Tedious installations and upgrades become a distant memory. Cost intensive maintenance demands come off the shoulders (and expense sheets) of business owners. As business begins to embrace this new paradigm, the return on their technology investment will improve significantly.

Microsoft and other players are aggressively moving in this new direction to ease the strain of business computing, adding flexibility, security, and scalability like never before. The bottom line for business is whether technology lowers cost and solves problems and that’s where Adam and Eden Engineering shine. Whether it’s today’s network or tomorrow’s hosted environment, Adam Kessler and Eden Engineering are poised to lead the way. 

It’s good to know a geek. Especially if you’re in business.

“Computing for the small business owner is inextricably woven into their business processes as much as any Fortune 500 company. It is Eden Engineering’s mission to fortify those processes with the most stabile, secure, and accessible platforms technology can provide. No longer does the small business person have to accept anything less than the same tools the big boys and girls have to play with.

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