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From filling her journal…
Growing up in a home where her voice and opinions were suppressed, Valerie Jennings took to pen and paper and began writing down everything from her own story to stories she saw happening in her town and in her world.  Her tenacity for giving a voice to those who weren’t able to tell and share their own stories has led her down an adventurous path filled with many blessings along the way.

At a young age, Valerie committed to creating options for herself that her upbringing did not offer.  The eldest of two, many of the leadership and high-achiever qualities attributed to first-borns are evident in her personality.  Throughout her education, Valerie could be found sun-up to sun-down volunteering for a committee position, editing her story for the Waterloo/Cedar Falls Courier, associate producing an international affairs cable show “Here & There,” preparing for classes, and earning her brown belt in Tae Kwon Do.  She felt that involvement in her world would open doors in her life and never let a single opportunity slip away.  

With wanderlust in her heart, Valerie took a hiatus from her university studies and relocated to Washington D.C.  With only a suitcase of possessions, she plowed full force into the political sphere.  She spent time working in public affairs for the Office of the U.S. Courts and the Center for Defense Information producing TV pilots and documentaries, and promoting education and advocacy through national media campaigns.  Upon returning to school, Valerie was selected by professors to present her research on threats of international security to students and professors at Moscow State Linguistics University.  Though many students chose to write about war-torn countries, weaponry, and terrorism, Valerie chose a more human interest view of international security focused on the threat of HIV/AIDS and painted the picture of hardship for individuals suffering from and affected by the disease.

For anyone who had told Valerie ‘no’ or tried to divert her from her goals, they needed only to look at her accomplishments to see that she was a determined and self-willed woman whom never backed down on her dreams.  She received her degree in Political Communication from University of N. Iowa-Cedar Falls with a double minor in International Affairs and Journalism.   

…to living her passion…
After winning a national award for her story on international crisis, Valerie was recruited by the City of Cedar Falls Cable Division to anchor on their network show.  She also worked for the Iowa and Minnesota State Legislatures before leaving the area.  After a personal life choice brought her to Overland Park, KS, she embarked on a new career path.  Her goal of personal and professional independence was brought to fruition when she founded her own public relations company in June 2003.

Having now resided in the Screenland Theatre Building for more than two years, Jennings Public Relations & Advertising celebrated its five year anniversary as a full-service public relations and advertising agency that is leading the way in social media.  Valerie has given her clients an international voice, landing placements in TIME Magazine, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and Reuters, and has received the distinction of having clients’ stories translated into multiple languages for international publications.  Her confidence never falters whether she is meeting new people at social events, delivering presentations to global audiences, or speaking with renowned reporters at the largest media outlets.

The company has evolved from working with local businesses to covering corporate and multi-national accounts coast to coast, and the results of campaigns and company news receive regular coverage.  Jennings Public Relations & Advertising has been featured in KC Business, Kansas City Small Business Monthly, PR Week, Marketing News, and Electronic Retailer Magazine, and promoted on the cover of 435 Magazine. 

…and fulfilling her dreams
From her tenure on the Board of Directors for SAFEHOME to her work in environmental affairs, Valerie has made a heartfelt commitment to a sustainable future.  From the small steps she takes (like removing plastic bottles from her company office), to the large leaps (flying across the country attending environmental conferences), and those in-between (engaging people on the social networking site Jennings created for sustainability), Valerie is dedicated to educating and helping likeminded people make change.  

Give her the chance to make your story heard and you’ll find your voice has never been louder!

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