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Energy and persistence conquer all things. - Benjamin Franklin


Attorney Mike Martin prides himself on persistence that delivers results, and he is perhaps best known and most respected by his peers for handling complicated probate cases.


Mike's passion for probate law - and for helping clients with their estate planning needs so that they can prevent probate problems - was sparked by personal experience. Mike earned his J.D. at the University of Kansas School of Law in 1985, and he did not start his career with any interest in probate or estate planning. Right out of school, he worked for a Wichita law firm that handled tax and securities law, and with an undergraduate degree in business and tax accounting, Mike seemed destined for a law career focused on business law.


Then, in 1989, as he prepared to launch his own practice in Kansas City, Mike was named the executor of his grandfather's estate. Aspects of his grandfather's estate were disputed, and the estate was embroiled in litigation for more than a year.  This eye-opening experience in probate court had a profound impact on Mike's burgeoning law career.


He soon began receiving referrals from a probate attorney who had been involved in his grandfather's case and who had been impressed by his legal abilities, and he was appointed to a number of probate cases. Mike's growing expertise in probate gradually expanded into the related areas of estate planning and trusts.

Two decades later, Mike Martin maintains his passion for probate law. He focuses on handling adversarial cases and receives referrals from estate planning attorneys across the region whose clients need an experienced litigator. As an estate planning attorney, Mike has experience helping clients with every aspect of end-of-life panning, from basic wills and trusts to situations that require sophisticated planning. He has assisted many clients with estate planning for domestic partnerships, planning for the care of children with disabilities, and providing for pets that outlive their owners.


Over the past 25 years, Mike Martin also has established a thriving business law practice, which grew naturally out of his business training and background. Mike has wide-ranging experience working with business clients, including small business owners, independent contractors, and even professional musicians. One of Mike's particular areas of expertise is representing clients in the construction industry, and his clients in this area include construction companies, contractors, suppliers, and skilled tradespeople.


Mike's unique combination of practice areas often allows him to better represent the interests of his clients. For instance, his knowledge of business law proves valuable when business holdings are part of a probate case - and his experience in probate court informs his estate planning work.


In addition, Mike's clients benefit from his broad experience in court. Many attorneys who practice probate, estate planning, and business law work primarily as procedural lawyers who draw up and review contracts and other legal documents. In addition to handling these types of procedural needs, Mike also has significant courtroom experience, including business and construction arbitration; mediation in civil, probate and trust matters; civil trials including jury trials; and hearings before administrative bodies in Kansas and Missouri.


Mike Martin is licensed to practice law in Kansas and Missouri, as well as Federal District Court in Kansas and the United States Tax Court. He is a member of the Johnson County Bar Association and a volunteer with the Kansas Lawyer's Assistance Program (KLAP).


When individuals and businesses need a seasoned attorney who can get results, they turn to Mike Martin Law.

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