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Matthew E. Osman

Although he has a friendly smile and an easygoing personality, there's no denying the fact that attorney Matt Osman likes a good argument.


More to the point, he relishes the mental gymnastics of thinking about arguments and examining all the possible angles. This habit of mind - which Matt says was his natural tendency from an early age - allows him to anticipate an opponent's likely strategy before figuring out his own.


Matt is an employment attorney, and his ability as an analytical thinker is well suited to this area of the law, where the winning argument tends to be based on extensive legal knowledge and the hard facts of the case, not emotional appeal. "Were you paid properly for the hours you worked according to state and federal laws?" - this is the core question Matt helps his clients answer.


Matt's journey to a career focused on employment law began with a bachelor's in business administration from the University of Kansas, where he went on to attend law school. Several internships and clerkships during law school tapped into his natural interests and abilities and soon led him down the path toward the eventual practice of employment law. In particular, during his second year of law school he began working part time for a new firm specializing in employment law - work he enjoyed and excelled at.


As a writer and editor for the Kansas Law Review, Matt also found he had a knack for legal writing. He takes great pleasure in writing a substantive brief that lays out the facts of a case while, of course, presenting an effective plan of attack based on his opponent's probable arguments.


After completing his law degree in 2007, Matt went to work for the firm he had worked for on and off during school. He continued to broaden and deepen his expertise as an employment lawyer, working almost exclusively on wage and hour cases.


In 2010, Matt was ready to embark on the next leg of his journey. He and fellow employment attorney Stephen L. Smay launched OSMAN & SMAY LLP. The Kansas City-based firm works to ensure that employees are properly compensated according to state and federal employment laws, especially the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).


OSMAN & SMAY LLP is uniquely positioned to provide clients with top-notch legal representation. Matt Osman represents clients in Kansas and Missouri, litigating both individual overtime cases and collective/class actions seeking to recover unpaid overtime and minimum wages. Stephen Smay represents clients in Michigan, New York and the District of Columbia.


Furthermore, because both partners have broad backgrounds in employment law, OSMAN & SMAY LLP is also able to arrange for superior representation in most other states. As a result, this fast-growing Kansas City law firm has quickly established a national reputation for expert consultation in this complex area of the law


Matt and Stephen are deeply committed to ensuring that employees are treated fairly in pursuit of overtime pay and minimum wages. They pride themselves on providing personalized attention and skilled advocacy, including free initial consultations.


In addition to his ability to see an argument from all sides, Matt Osman's success as an employment lawyer can be attributed to another essential aspect of his character: he is a hard worker. In fact, one of Matt's guiding principles is that the clients he represents work hard to earn a living, so he works just as hard on their behalf. 


And you can't argue with that.

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