Irene Brennan Natural Body Spa & Shop

Upon entering the spa, the aroma of instant relaxation hits you. You suddenly feel the warmth as a genuinely friendly greeting accompanies your arrival. Meet Irene Brennan, the face behind Leawood’s newest day spa, Natural Body Spa & Shop.

An English native hailing from a town north of London, Irene moved stateside more than 20 years ago. As a child, she dreamt of becoming a chef and later attended Manchester University. On an excursion to America visiting family members whom she had never met, Irene was introduced to her future husband. “The rest, as they say, is history,” says Irene of her choice to relocate their home to Kansas City. 

Irene has lived in the Kansas City area for the past 21 years. Her youthful aspirations for a culinary career led her to an early profession as an independent owner of a catering company. More than a decade after moving to Kansas, she volunteered to help a friend by filling in as a receptionist at a day spa. Within three months, she realized her passion for this industry and was quickly promoted to Spa Director. Her mentor, the owner of the spa, taught Irene a great deal while they worked together and played a major role in shaping Irene as the successful businesswoman she is today. 

Her proven ambition and drive, evidenced by her quick ascent into the spa director role with her first company, made her an instinctive choice when the owners of Natural Body Spa and Shop expanded their 20-year-old concept into the Kansas City area in 2008. 

With 22 locations in the Southeast and Midwest, Natural Body Spa is recognized as a leader in the day spa industry for its sustainable business practices, top-notch services and high quality product selection.

In her role as Spa Director of Natural Body Spa, Irene oversees daily operations and manages all aspects of the spa and retail shop, including business growth, staffing, development, and community involvement. While some may view these responsibilities as overwhelming, her everyday charisma blends with a strong background, proving to be the perfect mix for gracefully handling her workload. When talking about the spa, Irene’s pride for her company shines through, “Natural Body is by far the best in the state. We are environmentally friendly, have a staff of professionally trained therapists and the retail selection is absolutely amazing.”
A self-proclaimed “people person,” Irene has an open door policy for staff and clients, making her easy to work with and extremely approachable. She recognizes that the golden rule holds true, both in personal and professional situations, and her secret to success lies within treating spa clients the way she would want to be treated. Irene’s outgoing, confident and energetic personality provides an instant sense of familiarity.  She accredits hard work, flexibility, and a positive attitude for helping her to achieve her dreams.

As a wife and mother, Irene recognizes the importance of balancing her time between her career and her close-knit family. She references her daughter, Brieanna, as one of the most important people in her life, and she cites her eclectic group of friends as a constant source of entertainment when she’s not working. Irene has traveled extensively, but now uses vacation time to visit her parents and seven siblings in England.

Even though Irene chose to take a different career path than initially intended, she can still be found in the kitchen – cooking for friends and family – whenever possible. She enjoys reading, racquetball, and even golfing (though she’s a self-professed “hacker”). She appreciates the importance of giving back to the community and also volunteers at her church regularly.

While Irene has no immediate plans to abandon her career in the spa industry, she hopes to one day retire to Vail, Colorado. With her strong work ethic and proven dedication to goals, it is likely that she will achieve this dream as well. 

Irene Brennan
Natural Body Spa & Shop
4431 W. 119th Street , KS
Leawood, KS 66209