Dr. Doug Schulz D.D.S. Corporate Lakes Dental

If you believe it – you can achieve it.

The more you talk with Doug Schulz, D.D.S., the more facets to his personality and persona you’ll discover.  For instance, he knew from the age of 5 that he wanted to be a dentist.  Why?  Because he really liked his dentist.  His dentist loved to hunt and fish, had great dogs, and was an overall neat guy.  

Doug was raised in a small town in Northwest Iowa by parents who taught him he could achieve any goal he set his mind to.  Doug’s Grandfather, a Lutheran minister, instilled in him a solid religious foundation and the joy that comes from “tinkering” and putting the parts together “just so.”  His acceptance into the University Of Iowa College Of Dentistry moved his childhood decision to become a dentist toward reality.  His first class in dental school brought it all together and he was on his way to his vocational destiny.

He discovered he was right - he loved dentistry – a passion that continues 28 years later.  He is committed to doing his personal best in order to be the best dentist for his patients.  He loves working with his hands (thanks to his Grandpa), loves the sciences (physics, chemistry), thoroughly enjoys getting to know people, loves teaching them, and is a natural relationship builder.

After graduating in 1980, Doug taught part-time in the University’s dental program while he researched where he wanted to start his dental practice.  Kansas City, with its metropolitan, cosmopolitan, small town feel, won.  Its diverse economic base and warm extended community has let Dr. Schulz weather economic down-turns and grow the practice he envisioned:  a true traditional dental practice built on personal relationships, one where he can spend quality time with each patient, one where he can focus on quality and not quantity, and one where he can deliver cutting edge technology.  For Dr. Schulz, it’s never been about the money or about “success” – it’s about helping people be healthier.

As a respected Associate in Dr. Hall’s dental practice, Dr. Schulz was offered an opportunity he could not refuse and purchased the practice in 1982 upon Dr. Hall’s retirement.  It was Dr. Hall who introduced him to the L.D. Pankey Institute in Miami, known for its “comprehensive dental education which narrows the gap between what is scientifically and clinically known and what is actively practiced.”  Dr. Schulz continues pursuing the best in “post-grad” education and has spent thousands of hours advancing his knowledge to deliver the best dental care possible   One of many reasons the original practice has grown into the business it is today.

It’s no surprise to learn Dr. Schulz was one of the first dentists to offer CEREC – a tooth restoration system that allows a dentist to provide you with permanent, all ceramic crowns, onlay, or veneers in one office visit.  This means fewer injections, less drilling, and less time; coupled with natural strength, beauty, and function.  His proficiency with the CEREC software combined with his love of teaching makes him a valued trainer on this advanced technology for dentists across the country!

Dr. Schulz knows what he loves, what he is passionate about, and what he excels at.  He delights in having pediatric and octogenarian patients, and treating generations within a family.  Building on the initial rapport established in 1982 and his superb quality of care, many Dr. Hall’s patients remain patients of his today.  It’s important to him that when he sees any patient outside his office, he knows them by name.  He understands by building good relationships with his patients, he earns their trust; that trust translates into more relaxed patients which dramatically reduces the need for drugs during procedures.  Perfection is his goal.

Doug Schulz is enjoying his life.  While he has been faced with some difficult personal times – divorce, loss of a parent, loss of a child – he doesn’t consider them to be ‘obstacles’.  For Doug, it’s all part of life’s journey.  The glass is always half full, or fuller.  “Life makes life interesting.”

Dr. Schulz feels blessed to have a “wonderful” support group and terrific people in his life he can count on.  He is rediscovering the joys of reading, music, exercise, and healthy introspection coupled with personal growth (“when you are ready to hear the message, the teacher will appear”).  His recent trip to Southeast Asia was “incredible.”  His next vacation?  Bali or Paris with the love of his life (who, by-the-way, is waiting to be discovered).

His patients not only receive quality dental care, but compassion, honesty, technology, and a personal integrity to always make the procedure right.  His staff shares in that commitment.

Destiny:  One’s inevitable journey through life.  And what a wonderful journey it is.

Dr. Doug Schulz D.D.S.
Corporate Lakes Dental
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