Denise Anderson Attorney at Law

It is not what we do; it is how much love we put in the doing.
- Mother Teresa |

A lawyer can be defined as somebody who is professionally qualified to give legal advice to others and represent them in court.  Denise M. Anderson is more uniquely defined.  She’s a successful lawyer who has spent 20 years perfecting her craft.  She’s a woman who believes in the power of positive thinking, has a highly developed intuitive sense, and is inspired by great leaders such as Mother Teresa and Gandhi.  She’s a mother whose greatest pride and joy are her five amazing children.  She is focused, empathetic, decisive, and brilliant.  

As a small town girl from Kansas, Denise began her academic journey at the University of Kansas studying physical therapy.  Three years into her undergraduate work, she fell in love and chose to postpone her education to become a wife and a mother.  

Some of us know what we want to be when we grow-up; others of us discover our professional destiny through life experiences.  Denise’s decision to become a lawyer was a practical one, born out of determination to change her life.  At 29 years of age, she was a single mother of four, struggling to make ends meet.  Feeling that education held the key to independence, Denise completed her undergraduate studies in Political Science, graduating from Kansas State University in 1986.  Deciding to pursue a law degree, she met with an advisor to discuss the next steps. Surprisingly, Denise was met with laughter and incredulousness.  Undeterred, she commuted from Manhattan, Kansas to Topeka, Kansas, studying law at Washburn University.  She graduated in1989 at the top of her class.  

Denise put herself through law school, worked as the Editor-in-Chief for the school’s Law Journal, earned academic scholarships, and secured student loans.  Tough times challenged her fiscal creativity and she began making her own clothing; selling her designs by the piece for additional income.  She is the essence of a woman with many talents!

Upon obtaining her license in Kansas and Missouri, her thirst for knowledge and hunger for intellectual challenges led her to the firm that would teach her the most.  She welcomed the opportunity to learn business through transactional work and discovered her “niche” - employment and labor law.  A consummate negotiator, she excels in any consulting or advisory capacity.

With her chess player’s logic and a penchant for problem solving, it doesn’t take long for Denise to hone in on her clients’ real issue(s).  She has the personal qualities people are attracted to and that puts them at ease.  Her goal is “that every client leaves my office with one less thing they have to worry about.  They know that I’m in control, and their cases will be handled fairly and in their best interest.”  Her calm approach exudes confidence.  Her kids say; “she’s always the calm one.  When everyone else is in a panic, she’s the one who keeps it together and starts developing a plan to solve the problem.” 

When Denise is not solving client’s problems, you’ll find her enjoying one of her many passions: baking, gardening, writing, participating in not‑for‑profit organizations (particularly organizations assisting victims of domestic violence), or playing rock band (although she can’t carry a tune).  However, baking remains her true love.  While her children were growing up, Denise’s kitchen was one of warmth and enticing smells.  It was where friends and family gathered, drawn by the promise of satisfied appetites and tempted palates, while enjoying a loving, happy environment.  

She carries her love of baking into her law practice.  The night before an arbitration, mediation meeting, or deposition Denise will bake cupcakes, cookies, or bread to take to her office.  She has a theory that a case will settle when people begin to eat, as it is a sign of relaxation and trust.  

Denise admits to planning very little in her earlier life.  After 20 years of practicing law, at times she questions whether she should continue or begin the next chapter in her life.  Her friends emphatically state, “She cannot leave law.  She genuinely cares about her clients and is simply too good at what she does”.  

When the day comes and she begins her next adventure, we may find her opening a bed and breakfast in Italy where she can serve the warm smiles and warm food that have been so central to her life all these years - or - maybe she’ll finish writing the book she began years ago.  Wherever her path leads, you can be guaranteed she‘ll be enjoying life and all it has to offer! 

Denise Anderson
Attorney at Law
4741 Central, Suite 213
Kansas City, MO 64112