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Some people approach life in a steady, predictable, methodical manner - not Bob Young.  Bob Young pursues the path of adventure - walking on life’s edge, but always with a calculated degree of caution. For him, success is earning enough money to allow him the freedom to live and experience life, to give back to his community, and to support the children’s causes he cares deeply about. 

Born and raised in Kansas City, as a child Bob dreamed of becoming a pilot for the Air Force. While an unforeseen equilibrium problem kept him from fulfilling that dream, he went on to fulfill many others. Throughout his life, Bob has enjoyed interesting and challenging careers and his vast business experience has set the stage for his current dream job.  

This former Eagle Scout has built his professional career around his passion for people.  His work ethic dates back to his youth. As a young man, Bob held great admiration for his Scout Master, Mr. Hubbard, who taught him to do things to the best of his ability, to focus on the meaning behind his achievements, and not to achieve solely for achievement’s sake. The ethics and values Mr. Hubbard instilled in Bob helped shape the man he is today, including tenacity, drive, and determination. 

Bob had spent most of his professional life in sales – and no wonder.  It was a good fit for his easy-going, relaxed personality, coupled with his quick wit and intelligence, along with his love of people, and his boundless energy. Looking for a new challenge after moving to South Florida, he accepted a position with the local Chamber of Commerce and discovered there was a demand for what he did naturally - networking. 

Bob excelled in this highly specialized niche - working a room, striking up conversations with diverse groups of people, and forming new relationships. He is the consummate relationship builder. He enjoys learning about you and your business - what you do, why you do it, how you got involved in it, and what you want from it. He has a natural way of connecting with you and earning your trust, which is one reason he is known to build life-long relationships. 

Bob understands both sides of a business. His life and business experiences enable him to identify with a range of industries. He has a knack for identifying what is needed to make a business prosper and for guiding the business in that direction. Through his years of networking, if he can’t help you, he knows someone who can! He has the recipe for success and the step-by-step process necessary to achieve it.

Bob is a master communicator whether he is talking business, Harleys, or family.  He can communicate with the CEO of a large corporation, the owner of a small business, or turn around and have a spirited conversation with a fellow Harley enthusiast. His eyes light up when he shares stories of helping business owners, his son, or his adorable, brilliant grandchildren. He’s a Harley man with a joy for photography who loves to “chase the sunset” - stopping to take pictures of the natural landscape along the way. Life is an adventure and working with a new client, identifying a business need, and helping solve problems are all part of that adventure. 

A zealous giver of both time and talent, Bob takes pleasure in volunteering for various local charities. In 2002 while living in Ft. Lauderdale, Bob received an award for his involvement with the community. He was acknowledged as one of Ft. Lauderdale’s finest for his outstanding contributions to the community and his commitment to excellence in business. 

Unique- it’s who Bob is - period. One of his favorite lines is “I am I, and you be you. Live your life for you and not for others.” Spend five minutes with him and you’ll see that he not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk. He’s a firm believer in personal integrity and a straight shooter who stands behind his word. Become a friend of Bob Young’s and you’ll have a friend for life.

Bob Young
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