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In biology, evolution is the process of change from one generation to the next.

In life, evolution is embracing the change, moving forward, and  hopefully enjoying the ride. And for Ken Synfelt, what a pleasant ride it has been.

Today Ken is president of the evolutionary Global Digital Imaging, a completely digital, service-friendly printing company. When businesses want to customize each piece of printed material—known in the industry as variable data printing or on-demand printing—Ken’s expertise and incredible Canon 7000 imagePRESS digital printer can master the job. The technology alone is amazing; each printed piece may include different text, graphics, or images without slowing or stopping the printing process. The outstanding color quality and output efficiency rivals offset press, and in fact, Global Digital Imaging handles small- to medium-sized print runs considered cost prohibitive for traditional offset printers.

But what’s that got to do with Ken’s evolution? How did he land into the printing business?

It started on a Hollywood, Florida beach. Ken was fresh out of college, temporarily lifeguarding until he could land his first teaching job. The view was extraordinary; the sun bright; the surfing phenomenal. Jogging on a break one day, Ken was approached by a seemingly random photographer. Would he consider modeling for a beach calendar? 

Why not? What have I got to lose? At the risk of cliché, the rest was history. The calendar job started a portfolio, and more jobs followed. When Ken landed a major TV commercial, one job’s pay matched a year’s teaching salary. He’d never trade this for teaching, he thought, and life took a turn never imagined in his wildest daydream from the lifeguard stand.

When asked, Ken nonchalantly refers to that season as his ‘advertising career.’ When pressed, he admits he modeled throughout Europe, Asia, and Australia. His Miami agency booked the jobs, and Ken would fly from Milan to Zurich, Athens to Bangkok, or Sydney to Hong Kong and Tokyo. There and back again. Hong Kong became his favorite haunt, and Ken added fluency in Chinese to his expanding resume. He loves people; especially the people of  Hong Kong with their friendly, respectful ways. He embraced the culture and today embraces a cosmopolitan, diversity-conscious worldview. And through it all, he always found a beach, hunted down a local surfboard shop, and rode the waves. (Unless he was near the Alps; in that case, he found a snowboard.)

In 1997 when Hong Kong’s political rule returned to its mainland Chinese roots, Ken and many Americans like him returned to the U.S. He turned his heart toward home—south Florida. Suddenly, home became a focus. Small things we take for granted became important—a closet for clothes and shoes instead of a suitcase, for example. Family—his parents and sisters and nephews now live down the street. Friends outside of the jet set. Simple things. Dogs. It was time to settle down.

Success had paved the way and Ken began his second career: real estate. South Florida was booming; the area’s revitalization brought in private investors and chic, upscale neighborhoods. First an agent, Ken soon became a broker and enjoyed the prosperity of the boom.      
His firm created winning marketing strategies and developed incredible in-house printed materials. Instead of paying thousands to printers for quality advertising pieces, Ken researched the best in digital printers. And that’s when Ken fell in love with the Canon 7000 imagePress. This was a serious printer. It lines up 33 feet down the wall and does everything but wash the coffee pot. It trims, finishes, inserts, stacks, binds, can hold 10,000 sheets of paper, and prints 70 pages a minute at 1200 dpi—printer speak for darn good quality. It even prints 3D images using special plastics. Wow.

An easygoing, life-embracing adventurer, the downturn in the nation’s real estate market deeply affected south Florida. But Ken’s positive, glass-is-half-full, not-half-empty personality took it all in stride. With a heck of a printer at the office, Ken changed strategies and started offering printing services to designers, graphic artists, and offset printers. His warm smile and impeccable customer service smoothed the way to new clients, and today Ken’s career has taken another evolutionary turn.

On a Friday night, you might find Ken out to eat with his girlfriend. They may be headed down Lincoln Road for sushi or downtown Fort Lauderdale for tacos. You’ll probably catch a glimpse of Ken’s dogs behaving under an outside table.  Porkchop, his English bulldog, and Buddha, his Chinese Shar Pei, are so accustomed to the lifestyle that they think the sidewalk is just another extension of  home and strangers are just another extension of family. For that matter, so does Ken! Pull up a chair, have a drink…do you need a printer?

Ken Synfelt
Global Digital Imaging
108 N. 46th Avenue
Hollywood, FL 33021