Dr. Joel Stein The Institute for Non-Surgical Orthopedics

A Renaissance Man
Renaissance man: a person with encyclopedic or varied knowledge or learning; one with broad intellectual interests who is accomplished in both the arts and sciences. 

If you take away the “Doctor” before his name and the long string of hard-earned titles after it, Joel Stein shares the name with two American celebrities. One Joel Stein is a controversial journalist and the other an Indie musician. Of these—a famous writer, musician, and physician—Dr. Joel Stein can most accurately be called a renaissance man. He is devoted to the science of the human body, yet his roots are tightly intertwined with the arts. 

Joel Stein grew up as the son of a physician. His dad was a small-town general practitioner who delivered many of Joel’s friends and hundreds of other local babies. His father pursued the art of healing and became interested in osteopathic medicine, the holistic approach that focuses on wellness rather than disease. This philosophy promotes that the body is capable of healing itself if barriers to healing are removed, and the senior Dr. Stein incorporated many osteopathic ideas into his traditional practice. As a boy, Joel was welcomed into his dad’s office and watched how his father treated each patient as an individual. After all, they were neighbors and friends.

As a young man, Joel was keenly interested in science and spent part of each summer studying oceanography at Sea Camp on Big Pine Key. But soon his passions shifted toward the arts. Playing the keyboard, percussion, and harmonica helped pay his way through college and Osteopathic Medical School as his band frequented hotspots. He studied art, sculpture, and psychology in undergraduate college. But after years of father-son conversations and armed with a zeal for the art of learning, Joel headed to medical school to study osteopathic medicine. 

Fast forward to today. Dr. Stein’s zeal for the art of learning and enthusiasm for his field has awarded him many prestigious recognitions and accomplishments. He is a leader of leaders in osteopathic medicine; an expert of experts. Take a deep breath and imagine the level of knowledge behind the following list of credentials, past and present:

Graduate—Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine; undergraduate fellow—KCOM; faculty member—Nova-Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine; Board Certified—Family Practice, Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, and Sports Medicine; Fellow—American Academy of Osteopathy and the American Osteopathic Academy of Sports Medicine; Clinical Associate Professor—NSU-COM; Professor Emeritus—University of Miami, School of Medicine; visiting Clinician—American Academy of Osteopathy; AAO Bureau of Experts; board examiner —American Osteopathic Board of Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine (AOBNMM) and Conjoint Board in Sports Medicine; active at the State and National level—FOMA Board of Trustees; Florida representative—AOA House of Delegates; Board of the Florida Society, ACOFP. 

Dr. Stein’s résumé is a mile long, and there are few in his field who carry the same weight of influence. His pursuit of the most advanced techniques has resulted in a high-tech, cutting-edge practice where digital technology provides an efficient environment. It’s definitely high-tech, but it’s also high-touch. Because when it comes down to individual patients, Dr. Stein simply shines.

You see, behind all of the expertise, in spite of all the titles and accolades, Dr. Stein and his practitioners pursue one goal: to treat one patient at a time—and take their time doing it well. Dr. Stein and his associates look at patients as people…people who are in pain. People who can be helped. People who can be healed. 

Theirs is a relatively small practice, not some cog in the wheel of a huge medical conglomerate. They’ve spent decades in the same community and never forget that most of the folks in the waiting room are neighbors. Dr. Stein and his associates are interested in people, not volume. They take extra time to discuss treatments. Care is personalized and individualized. Treatment plans are not textbook plans because they heal people—not cases. 

Their practice name speaks volumes. At The Institute for Non-Surgical Orthopedics, each physician operates on the Orthopaedic Medicine postulate of pain that says that all pain has a source, and to eliminate pain, one must alter the source of pain. Traditional practitioners often view surgery as a first rather than last resort. Not here, although Dr. Stein and his partners refer to surgeons when necessary. Theirs is a practice that combines the best of the art of medicine: manipulation of the musculoskeletal system; orthopedic treatment of acute, chronic, and traumatic pain; family practice and all that entails; anesthesiology via pharmaceutical and interventional injection for pain management; and complimentary alternative medicine including acupuncture and homeopathic therapy. Their staff includes five physicians plus manual therapists, x-ray technicians, physical therapists, movement therapists, and medical assistants who work together to manage all aspects of pain.

As individuals become increasingly informed about holistic treatment, Dr. Stein’s practice has grown—yet he and his partners still manage to maintain a small, community atmosphere. He sees entire families, from children to grandparents and every age between. He has treated elite sports professionals from the Miami Heat and Dolphins as well as tennis players and golfers of varied abilities and celebrity. The Institute for Non-Surgical Orthopedics is literally a one-stop shop for patients of all ages and health concerns, especially musculoskeletal disorders. And at its head is a renaissance man—combining the art and science of medicine for the well being of neighbors and friends. 

Dr. Joel Stein
The Institute for Non-Surgical Orthopedics
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