Roger Campbell & Sam Block Custom Air Designs

Recipe: Custom Air Designs 
Serves: thousands

• One hands-on, tech-savvy A/C expert with a heaping scoop of personality, a twist of humor, and a large dose of people skills (may be found in leather on a Harley).

• One supremely skilled mechanical wiz with a side of financial savvy and a dash of leadership (may be found below surface in a SCUBA wetsuit).

• One passionate business philosophy and purposefully-producing highly trained, trustworthy technicians who communicate well and make customers insanely happy-who then refer all of their friends because they have never seen service at this level before.

Note: Suggest using original ingredients, as substitutions don't measure up.

Mix well. Enjoy your new air conditioning system. Call your mother, rave about it, and send her the recipe.

The rest of the story
Roger Campbell and Sam Block are solid, easygoing, casual guys. Hands-on, make-it-happen guys who work hard (very hard) and then relax well.

"Im boring," jokes Roger before describing his favorite vacation. It's a Harley Davidson¨ Fly & Ride, a program where Harley owners fly to a destination, pick up a dealer's Harley, and tour in style. He and his wife head out west and hit the road, clad in rugged leather yet still managing to look respectable. Sam prefers the quiet underworld of the sea. For twenty years now he and his son SCUBA dive most weekends, spear fishing tonight's dinner while enjoying the camaraderie bonded by years of father-son time. Often you'll find business partners Roger and Sam heading south with their wives for a Jimmy Buffet-style weekend in the Keys. 

Life is good. Business is even better. Here's why.

They were a natural match. Before Roger and Sam purchased Custom Air Designs in 2003, they shared hours together on the job. Both were seasoned professionals in every phase of the HVAC business. Both were acutely aware of what made good business sense. Each brought a unique talent to the table.

 When their careers converged, Sam was general manager and V.P. for a large air conditioning firm, specializing in estimating and construction. Roger was a project manager for the same firm, in charge of 120 employees. He spent his days solving technical problems, soothing customers, and cooling things down when temperatures rose (no pun intended). "We knew everything about heating and air conditioning," Roger says. "And we knew little about how to start a business," Sam adds. "But we knew one thing: we wanted to deliver what we promised - and then some."

Like most smart guys, Sam and Roger sought wisdom from others who knew more than they did. Through a series training expos, mentoring relationships, and continuing education, Roger and Sam established a set of customer service principles that outshine any in the service industry. 

"We want to provide cheerleader service," said Roger. "We want our clients to understand how far we'll go--beyond the extra mile-to be sure they are satisfied. And it doesn't happen without intentional, systematic training for each and every employee. It starts from the moment we answer the phone and extends to every service technician, every point of customer contact.

We've found that when we take care of our customers and employees first, everything else falls into place. We're building a client-centered culture in this company, and our clients have become our best marketing tool. This is a word-of-mouth business." Beyond this culture of service, Roger and Sam leverage their technical expertise including:

• Florida Power & Light Preferred Contractor status, meaning they've successfully passed FPL's rigorous courses in heat load calculations and systems design;

• Design software that calculates each home's unique requirements, air flow, and heat gain - which means they custom fit each system for maximum cooling. (In fact, they've built a reputation for troubleshooting homes with cooling problems.)

• Hard-earned experience. There probably isn't an A/C problem they haven't already encountered-and solved-before.

Top-notch service and experience add up to one outstanding recipe for a business. But we've left out a few other incredible ingredients:

• Confidence...through their Straightforward Pricingª with no hidden fees or hourly overtime - ever. (Not even on weekends or holidays!) 

• using only pre-screened technicians who are background tested and certified drug free. 

• Perks...with unique club plans and top-priority service. For a small monthly fee homeowners enjoy maintenance discounts and top-of-list priority, which comes in handy in the peak of Florida summers. 

Wow. These guys do it all.

Roger Campbell & Sam Block
Custom Air Designs
1246 SW 6th Street
Pompano Beach, FL 33069