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“It’s not what you know, it’s what you do with what you know.”
-John Bourassa

A job is defined as an activity such as a trade or profession that somebody does regularly for pay, or a paid position to perform such trade. A profession is an occupation that requires specialized training. 

Meet John Bourassa. He doesn’t have a job; he has a profession he loves. For John, being a real estate agent isn’t just about the financial rewards; it’s about having passion for what he does. 

Born in a French-Canadian province of Québec, John received his formal education in French. During his first college semester he was asked to purchase textbooks in English rather than in French. Technology was evolving and his geographical world was expanding. John interpreted this as a sign - a sign that he needed to become fluent in the English language so he could excel in the powerful world of business. Fortified with this insight, his journey to becoming part of the international business world was underway. 

Knowing the most effective way to learn English was to immerse himself in it, John left his hometown of Trois-Rivières for the big city of Toronto. Within three years, John was fluent and completely at ease with the English language. 

While working in the accounting division of Massey Ferguson, John was given the opportunity to travel to Palm Beach, Florida. It was the utopia he had envisioned. Without hesitation, he quit his job, left his extended family in Québec, Canada, and embarked on a new life in Florida. 

Enamored with his new Floridian world, John explored his surroundings and dabbled in a variety of jobs until settling into a successful 22-year automotive service industry career. John became accustomed to the benefits his job provided and the financial stability it afforded, but found himself missing passion for what he did. While he had always been intrigued with the real estate market, he was uncertain how to turn that interest into a viable career. 

In 1998 during his real estate search in Ft. Lauderdale, his interactions with a real estate agent forever changed his life. John was so impressed with this man’s professionalism and character he began referring potential buyers and sellers to him. In a year’s time, John had made his friend nearly $80,000 in referral based commissions. Curious as to why John wasn’t pursing real estate as a career and certain John could be highly successful, the agent convinced John to take the leap and start preparing for a new adventure. 

Eight years later, John cannot imagine doing anything else. Every morning he awakes with an eagerness to get to the office and begin working for his clients. He is the epitome of a workaholic. On any day of the week you can find John at the office, sitting behind his desk, studying the daily MLS listings, reading the latest news and trends in the real estate market, and anticipating the arrival of his next client. However, what really makes John light up is being out in the field - showing properties to clients, looking at open houses or just driving down the streets visualizing homes for sale. Despite the fluctuations of the real estate market, John maintains tremendous enthusiasm for his business. 

Very much the extravert, John is a straight shooter with a subtle diplomacy.  He’s an honest man who will not withhold information simply because you may not want to hear it. He earns the trust of his clients by delivering results with an unwavering level of confidence. Like the man who introduced John into the business, John’s dedication and professionalism are why greater than 75% of John’s business is generated from referrals or repeat clients. 

Not only is John hands-on with his clients, he is highly involved in the real estate community at both the local and state levels. John gives back to both his community and his peers by serving on various local real estate committees including the Board of Directors for the Florida Association of Realtors®. His participation also allows him to learn first hand what developments are transpiring within the real estate machine. 

John will tell you he wishes he had taken the leap into real estate sooner than he did.  He discovered a natural aptitude that has provided him with limitless opportunities to have the lifestyle he dreamed of. He deeply enjoys what he does, never tires of the searches, and takes satisfaction in knowing he helps people find that “perfect” home or investment property. Once you work with John Bourassa – you won’t be able to imagine using anyone else for your real estate needs.

John Bourassa
RE/MAX Partners
Fort Lauderdale, FL