Dr. Manon Hutchison, D.D.S., PA

Changing people’s smiles – changing people’s lives.

It’s the people that make the difference, and for Dr. Hutchison, it’s all about people.  She is passionate about helping people.  Her role models are her parents.  She credits her family and her staff for helping her achieve 15 years of professional success.  In fact, Dr. Manon Hutchison, DDS refers to the people at her practice as “our little family” – and that includes her patients.  “I love people”, she says with a smile.

Who could have known that a sales call by a dental equipment salesman would provide the “spark” that would ultimately result in Manon Bourque becoming Manon Bourque Hutchison, DDS.  She was working in Nuclear Medicine when her future husband, Ron, walked through the door and set her on a professional path leading to her highly respected family and cosmetic dental practice.  Her upbeat, outgoing, caring personality – coupled with an amazing memory, endless patience, and genuine respect for others – perfectly complemented her focus, inner strength, and honesty to create one successful dentist.

Dr. Hutchison opened her dental practice in 1994, shortly after graduating from the University of Colorado School of Dentistry and moving to Miami.  Fluent in both French and English, she is a member in many acclaimed professional organizations including: American Dental Association, The Association of Women Dentists, The Academy of General Dentistry, The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and the Florida Dental Association.  She has used the knowledge, ongoing education, and experience gained through the years to help thousands of patients achieve the smiles they have always wanted.

She says that for her, the defining moment early in her career was delivering her first cosmetic case and seeing how it changed her patient’s life.  She gives her personal, caring touch to each patient and works hard to have “the best staff” to ensure every patient is comfortable from the time the patient enters her office until that patient walks out her door. 

Her friendly, positive, state-of-the-art office environment is designed to make sure each patient is not only comfortable, but also well informed about his or her treatment options.   Every member of her highly trained team  (aka family) has years of experience, including advanced training courses, and prides himself/herself on staying up-to-date on the most current dentistry research.  Questions are welcomed.  Her practice not only takes care of the patient’s dental needs, but also places a high priority on the overall dental experience. 

Dr. Hutchison prides herself on providing a wide variety of procedures guaranteed to enhance each patient’s smile by taking care of little problems before they become major health issues.  The results? Exceptional.  It’s a natural progression: good dental health leads to improved appearance; improved appearance creates increased self-confidence; increased self-confidence leads to better quality of life.  After all, a person’s smile is one of his or her most noticed features.   

The eyes may be the mirror of your soul – but your smile reaches out and touches every person you meet.  Think of how many times you have instantly responded to someone’s spontaneous smile.  Dr. Hutchison and her team deliver “smile makeovers” you’ll be happy to show off whether you are a child, adult, or senior.  Their “smile makeovers” have earned Dr. Hutchison the reputation as the premier dental practice in the Pompano Beach and Coconut Creek area.  

Balancing the need to care for her family life while building her practice, Dr. Hutchison has achieved a rewarding work-life balance.  With a husband and two teen-aged boys, Michael 16 years and Johnny 19 years, you know her family life is busy.  But, just in case you think she’s all work and no play, you’ll be pleased to learn in her spare time she likes to travel (Colorado and France), enjoys spa time (ahhh), likes to read (a romance novel junkie), and likes to gamble (yep – a woman of varied interests).   Yet, as diversified and eclectic as her interests are, she still considers the ability to meet different people every day through her work to be the single thing that keeps her life interesting!  It always comes back to her love of people.

Family – friends – patients - the most important people in her life. Her focus never wavers – it’s all about people.  Dr. Hutchison has blended her engaging personality, her love of people, her astute mind, and her gentle touch to create a dental practice you’ll love to visit – and how uncommon is that!!

Dr. Manon Hutchison, D.D.S., PA

Pompano Beach
Coconut Creek