Dr. Ernie Soto D.D.S.

No Fear

Attention dental phobics: your worries are over. Dr. Ernie Soto not only has zero fear as an ultra-competent, ultra-skilled dental surgeon, he specializes in your fear. Or rather, in helping you get past it. 

It helps that he’s a friendly, sociable, talk-you-through it kind of a guy. He’s a keen listener—one who spends time with patients, getting to the root of the matter. (Get it?) He’s a comfortable guy; a youthful family man who is happily married to his wife, Paula. They met in college  and are now raising two active, athletic teen boys and an accomplished ballerina daughter—with pictures to prove it.
It helps that his experience is second to none, with over 3,000 reconstructive and cosmetic dental surgeries, 1,000 implants, and 15,000 crowns behind him.  He’s practiced in south Florida since 1990, and most of his patients arrive on referrals—attesting to their satisfaction. If you need to see a resume, Dr. Soto belongs to the International Congress of Oral Implantology, the American College of Oral Implantology, the American Society of Osseointegration, the American Orthodontic Society, the Florida Dental Society of Anesthesiology, and the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology. 

It helps that Dr. Soto is regarded as an expert, teaching other dentists how to use 3-D technologies, contributing articles to a senior magazine, and receiving industry awards. He serves on a peer review board, providing professional evaluations on legal matters. He also serves on the board of iHealthSpot, a technology company providing services to the medical and dental industry. His training and specialization has consistently focused on pain-free dentistry. 

But when it comes right down to overcoming your fear, Dr. Soto uses two magic bullets. The first is that he gets it. He understands and empathizes and has gently walked hundreds of patients through exactly what you’re going through. And the second is something known in the industry as conscious sedation. Dr. Soto is certified in Nitrous Oxide Sedation and IV Sedation and is one of a limited number of dentists licensed by the State of Florida to provide anesthesia. In other words, he’ll help you go to sleep and wake up with the beautiful smile you’ve been dreaming about. Nothing beats it.

Dr. Soto always wanted to be a doctor. A gynecologist, to be exact, fueled by adolescent imagination perhaps, but backed by brains and the drive to accomplish anything. A conversation with Father Bart changed everything. Father Bart was the Jesuit priest who served as his guidance counselor as an undergraduate at Creighton College in Omaha.

“What do you want to be, son?” the conversation might have started.

“A doctor,” young Ernie replied with some confidence.
Pause. Uncomfortable silence. “Have you heard of HMOs?” the old man questioned, a learned look in his eyes. “Managed care?” he continued. The well-read Father Bart began to enlighten Ernie about the future of medicine; how decisions for the welfare of the patient were being made by impersonal companies rather than compassionate physicians. Ernie began to feel discouraged about his career options. He’d always wanted to be a doctor.

“Are you good with your hands?” Father Bart asked.
“Yes, I can draw…I’m good with my hands,” replied Ernie.
The next week Father Bart arranged for Ernie to spend several days shadowing a local dental surgeon. Ernie was fascinated with the technology, the skill, and especially the incredible satisfaction of successful “before-and-afters.”  As he walked about campus, he began noticing smiles—bold, bright-white smiles, and shy, hand-covered smiles whose owners consciously or unconsciously felt their teeth were something to hide. He observed the self-assurance behind a great looking smile and imagined how—as a dentist—he could help boost the confidence of people with less-than-perfect smiles. His mind was made up.

After earning a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Georgetown University and a general practice residency at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Miami Beach, Dr. Soto embarked on the passion of his life: creating perfect, healthy smiles. A self-professed “tekkie,” he’s embraced the technology of his craft. Today, Dr. Soto can experience a complete virtual surgery before ever embarking on the live one. 

“Computers have changed the way we do implants,” he explained recently. “I can take a CT scan of a patient, plug it into my laptop, and come up with a complete 3-D reconstruction of somebody’s jaw. I can do the surgery first in a 3-D simulation world. Then, we create a surgical guide—which means minimally invasive implants. No stitches, no cutting the gum, and no exposing the bone. It’s amazing!”
So after work, what does this successful south Floridian do in his spare time? 

“Fishing,” Dr. Soto said enthusiastically. “And flying. Or both!”
Outside of his busy practice—where staff is like family and patients are friends—Dr. Soto loves flying his dream plane, a smooth, high performance Piper Mirage. He’ll load up the family and head to the Florida Keys or the Caribbean for some serious fishing. Growing up in Puerto Rico, many of his fondest memories are fishing with his dad and siblings, and he’s loving the fact that he’s passing on the tradition to his children. His most memorable catch was a magical, together moment when the sun was setting and a stubborn sailfish wrestled man against beast for nearly 45 minutes. Suddenly the fish leaped, nearly landed in the boat, startled his daughter who screamed in fear and excitement, and the line snapped. Dr. Soto recalls the struggle, then the screaming, then the abrupt silence after the wild drama—and then laughter and joy and a magnificent Pacific sunset. It didn’t get any better. In a moment, in an instant, the family went from fear to all smiles. 

Just like Dr. Soto’s patients.

Dr. Ernie Soto D.D.S.

10187 Cleary Blvd. Suite 103
Plantation, FL 33324