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On a quest to unmask a silent epidemic – 

The Hippocratic Oath (in part) “I will prescribe regimens for the good of my patients according to my ability and my judgment and never do harm to anyone.”

For those of you who are environmentally aware of environmental health problems – and those of you who want to be – you’ll be interested in knowing Dr. Albert Robbins, a local board certified Environmental Physician.  

His environmental medicine practice addresses important health issues including sick building syndrome, toxic mold exposures, allergic diseases, asthma, chemical injuries, toxic heavy-metal poisonings, pesticide injuries, chemical sensitivity, and food allergies.   His practice isn’t limited to adults; it includes children with behavioral and neurological problems who may be suffering from hidden neurological allergy, toxic exposures, or nutritional deficiencies.  These are complex health issues, and it’s important to understand Dr. Robbins never forgets the human factor.  As he uncovers environmental factors, he believes in treating the mind, body, spirit, and human emotions; honoring patients as unique individuals.

Environmental medicine is an emerging and challenging medical field that looks specifically at allergens and pollutants in the air we breathe and foods we eat, and our water supply and everyday products as hidden causes of chronic illness.  Going beyond traditional medical diagnostic approaches, environmental physicians investigate occupational causes of disease, building related illnesses, and poisonings.  It’s a healing journey.

His commitment began at age 9.  Growing up in Rochester, New York, he saw how his mother suffered from severe asthma.  The awareness of her suffering set him on the challenging path to becoming an environmental physician. 

Dr. Robbins’ credentials are impressive.  He graduated from the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine.  He earned his Master’s degree in Public Health from The University of Miami, writing his master’s thesis on “Chemically Induced Illnesses.” 

 He is board certified in Occupational/Environmental Medicine and Preventive Medicine, is a Fellow of The American Academy of Environmental Medicine, and was editor of The Environmental Physician Newsletter for over ten years.

Family remains at the heart of who he is.  His wife, Vickie, manages his office.  He has three beautiful daughters, Rebecca, Samara, and Ilana, and two adored grandchildren – Dylan and Ethan.  Not many men speak as highly as Dr. Robbins does of his son-in-law, Peter Bober (who – he states proudly – is the new Mayor of Hollywood, Florida).  And let’s not forget his office staff: Karen, Kathy, Maxine, and Sandy.

They share his dedication to his patients.  Thankfully, Dr. Robbins is not alone in his quest for answers.  Scientists believe we are in the midst of a silent epidemic of environmentally triggered illnesses.  To discover the source of those illnesses, your physician should conduct an environmental and chemical investigation.  Acting as a medical Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Robbins carefully, systematically, and thoroughly searches for clues to unmask a patient’s hidden allergies and environmental exposures that could cause the symptoms of recurring illness.  He not only examines his patient; he examines what his patient is exposed to!  His approach is so successful regarding neurologic tic disorders, it’s mentioned in “Tics and Tourette’s” by Sheila Rogers (Latitudes.org).    

Once a diagnosis is reached, Dr. Robbins discusses all treatment options with his patient including Optimal Dose Immunotherapy that can be given by injection or as drops under the tongue.  It’s safe, effective, and easy on kids.  Many times proper allergy immunotherapy eliminates the need for drugs.  His focus is on developing healthy attitudes and lifestyles, combined with an environmental awareness to make the patient stronger and more resistant to disease.

Dr. Robbins believes many individuals suffer silently with undiagnosed environmentally induced disorders.  And the sad thing is that their doctors just don’t know that they don’t know!  There’s a great need for public health education about the nature of modern environmentally triggered illnesses and Dr. Robbins is a valued speaker about this under-recognized public health problem.

A “musician-physician”, Dr. Robbins writes medical songs and plays guitar. Whether lecturing to physicians or the general public, he usually plays one of his original songs (listen to “American Chemical Dream” on You Tube).  “The Musician Physician” DVD was produced by Cyndi Lenz and officially selected for the 2008 Delray Beach Film Festival.  What an inspired way to communicate a serious medical subject!

Dr. Robbins has a message: we require more environmental awareness and better health strategies for dealing with 21st century environmentally triggered diseases.  Many people can regain their health by applying environmental medicine principles to the evaluation and treatment of illnesses not thought to have an allergic cause.

Using all of his skills and talents - physician, musician, detective, communicator, and health environmentalist – he spreads that message.

Dr. Albert Robbins
Robbins Environmental Medicine Center
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