Dr. John C. Stone D.D.S

Going the Distance

Some people enjoy bike riding.

Other people enjoy mega-mile, long-distance bike treks in remote South American countries where you hire a personal hombre with a machete to follow you in a truck. Or rides around the five boroughs of New York City—The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island—with 10,000 of your closest friends. Or the Miami-to-Key Largo MS 150 ride to support Multiple Sclerosis. Or casual, relaxed rides; ordinary 50-mile jaunts up or down Florida’s legendary A1A coastal highway—just for fun.

Meet Dr. John Stone, a prosthodontist specializing in the most advanced technologies available in dental restoration, reconstruction, and replacement. He’s the “other” bike rider; the long-distance type who rides the long and rough roads for the sheer joy of it. When you meet him, his calm and relaxed mannerisms hide the quiet strength and firm resolve that lies within. Whether bike riding or advancing the art and science of cosmetic and restorative dentistry, Dr. Stone does not…will not…settle for anything less than going the extra mile. He’s been like that for years.

Young John grew up in Detroit surrounded by fine homes, friendly neighbors, and loving parents. Life changed drastically when John was nine; his mother passed away. He watched his physician father sacrifice time and energy caring for others; truly caring. One particular night is forever etched in John’s memory. Father and son were together when the good doctor was called to the hospital bedside of an aging patient. John accompanied his dad, and then stood to the side, forgotten in the rush of the moment. His father worked tirelessly to save the patient’s life, but the inevitable time had come. Next came a blur of family, tears, nurses; and through it all, his strong father loomed larger than life—calming, consoling. The patient had no pain; the family was comforted; and John witnessed one person’s ability to make an incredible difference in the lives of others. I want to be like that, he mused. He decided then that healthcare was his future.

As a University of Miami student, John played trumpet for the college band and enjoyed campus life. Studies remained a priority as he debated between medicine and dentistry. He’d seen firsthand how medicine rewarded his dad with the richness of helping others, but also how it consumed all hours of the day and night. Dental surgery was appealing; John was good with his hands and highly creative. Unsure of which way to go, he applied to both medical and dental graduate schools. It was a total toss-up until the acceptance letter from the School of Dentistry at the Medical College of Virginia arrived—on his 21st birthday. Fate had intervened; it was a gift. He would become a dental surgeon. 

Dr. John Stone’s résumé reflects a marathon of training before he ever began his private practice. Refusing to settle for general dentistry; he pursued additional training with passion and perseverance. Upon graduation and with a DDS behind his name, Dr. Stone began a two-year general practice residency at the prestigious Long Island Jewish Hospital. In a teeming city where one hospital served a million people, he immediately began performing head and neck surgeries on difficult cases that other dentists wouldn’t touch. With case after case of complex surgeries, he was literally baptized into surgical experience that most dentists would never experience. Dr. Stone soon became the Chief Resident in dentistry.  

Following the hospital residency, Dr. Stone began a two-year Prosthodontic Specialty Residency at the Medical College of Georgia. It was here that he fine tuned the art of developing removable prosthetics and providing osseointegrated implants—the process where state-of-the-art implants actually bond or integrate with the patient’s bone. Here he began a lifelong pursuit of mastering interdisciplinary dentistry, leading a team of general dentists and healthcare professionals to restoring and perfecting smiles and mouth structures. With such advanced training, Dr. Stone was poised to master his chosen craft of the healing arts, combining dentistry and medicine into one glorious career.

When Dr. Stone began his private practice in Ft. Lauderdale in 1979, his goals were clear. He would provide possibly the best—and he did mean the best—prosthodontic practice available. His gentle chair-side manner was learned at his father’s side; he improved upon it by becoming an intense listener, giving generous amounts of time to each patient. He created his own onsite dental laboratory where prosthetics and implants are carefully crafted of the finest materials and scrutinized for precise accuracy and beauty. He pursued perfection, not for the sake of reputation or recognition—but because he knew he could now make a difference in other people’s lives. 

Whether patients arrive for ordinary cleanings, fillings, or whitening, or for more complex crowns, bridges, dentures, or implants, Dr. Stone pursues perfection on their behalf. He built his practice on healing—on restoring smiles to both those who smile easily and those who thought they may never smile again. No matter what it takes to restore those smiles, Dr. Stone is poised to go the distance.

Dr. John C. Stone D.D.S

3101 North Federal Highway #501
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306