Barry G. Roderman Attorney

After nearly 40 years practicing law in South Florida, Barry Roderman has lived a life that most of us can only dream about. Conversations with a U.S. President. Dining with international royalty. Trying a case on national television to jury verdict. After all, he’s a prominent trial attorney; who else shares lengthy relationships with successful business leaders, top politicians, as well as persons charged with serious white-collar crimes. 

But meet Barry today over a cup of coffee or on the 18th hole, and you’ll instantly be at ease. You feel comfortable with a man who is comfortable with himself; a man whose top priority has been raising well-adjusted children, for a time as a single dad with sole custody. Oh, and his second priority? To practice law with every ounce of energy, every nuance of human intuitiveness, fully equipped with every resource necessary to build a case and gain the innate trust of client, judge, and jury alike.

Even before high school, Barry knew he wanted to become a lawyer. Roots of this drive stemmed from his father’s relentless influence. A son of Russian immigrants.  Barry epitomizes those things that make us proud about America.  This is a guy whose heritage taught—no, demanded—that you work hard. You do better. You make a life for yourself; get a good education; and college?  You go to college to learn, son.  So Barry left his small country hometown with a few possessions, and an entire arsenal of old-world ethics and honor. 

At Ohio State, he worked hard, was awarded the Firestone Cup by his fraternity (ZBT) for the most outstanding freshman, played hard—despite his father’s warnings— embraced life. Barry studied conscientiously, but his natural intelligence meant that high grades came easy. His affable smile and fraternity life gave him plenty of time for pretty girls and lively parties. Barry soon fell in love and married young. He was 20.

Then came a flurry—a hectic pace—now nearly a blur of bittersweet memories. Western Reserve Law School, passing the Ohio and Florida Bar Exams, President of the Young Republican Club, and an intense schedule as a new assistant public defender. Barry’s marriage ultimately resulted in divorce and he was left with the custody of his two young children. Determined to raise them well, after a few years, he withdrew from political life and focused on raising his family.  Now, years later, Barry is remarried, a devoted father of four, and a grandfather.

Time has been good to Barry Roderman, Esquire. Those early qualities of honesty and integrity burned deeply into his persona and practice. Barry’s peers have awarded him top rankings and recognized his professional excellence for ethics, reliability, diligence, and preeminent legal abilities. His love of life and work combined with a fierce competitiveness have earned the respect of clients, judges, and fellow attorneys for his trial successes. His trial experience ranges from criminal to complex civil, with numerable successes in high-profile, media intensive cases.  His firm, Barry G. Roderman and Associates, P.A., is based out of Fort Lauderdale, although his client base extends nationally.

Barry’s firm is recognized for its strengths and leadership in civil cases of every type as well as for the defense of various hand picked criminal cases in both State and Federal District courts. With his carefully selected staff, the firm’s broad scope of expertise reaches into practically every area an individual or business could possibly need.  Areas of practice include:

• Complex commercial litigation involving fortune 500 companies as well as governmental entities, many resulting in 8 figure verdicts.   

• Family law in all of its forms and intricacies. The firm handles pre- and post-marital agreements, divorces, child custody, visitation, child support, and various Family Court cases of varying degrees of complexity.

• Personal injury related to life’s unfortunate events. Whether accidents, injury, malpractice, abuse, product liability, discrimination, or defamation, the firm attends to the needs of the client to mitigate negligence and suffering.  With a policy of contingency fee agreements, clients incur no out-of-pocket expenses.

• The defense of economic fraud, and white-collar crimes. With a stellar reputation in defense law, Barry has become highly respected in this area.

For each case, Barry and his staff examine every possible fact with an incredible attention to detail, and draw from a veritable storehouse of experience and knowledge to aggressively represent their clients. Barry’s passion for excellence has been well-honed in every case, and imparted to each and every staff member. “Even a losing set of facts can turn into a winning case in the hands of a seasoned trial lawyer with a client able to afford the cost of justice today”, says Barry.

As his father insisted, Barry has worked hard—and truly earned his fine reputation as a winner of favorable verdicts and substantial settlements. Other than pride in his children, his greatest passion is pursuing excellence in his practice. From humble beginnings to the peak of his career, Barry Roderman loves nothing more than giving it everything, preparing for that day in court, striving for the satisfaction of knowing he gave his ultimate best—and enjoying the sweet victory of success. Top it off with a round of golf, and you’ve found a man who is deeply satisfied

Barry G. Roderman
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