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Insurance: Financial protection against loss or harm. AFLAC Insurance: In the event you suffer a serious illness or accidental injury, AFLAC is there. AFLAC doesn't pay the hospital or doctor unless you tell them to. They pay you, the policyholder, giving you peace of mind knowing you've prepared for whatever life may bring.   


"Taking care of people in times when critical illness or injury may lead to financial hardship"- this is how Alan Diskin helps his clientele across South Florida and nationwide.


A twenty-year resident who loves living in South Florida, Alan specializes in cafeteria and employee benefit pans for business owners that are mutually beneficial for both the employee and employer. As a sales professional for AFLAC, Alan is recognized as a leader in this highly competitive business.


Alan is sincere and passionate when it comes to assisting his clients and making proper recommendations to those who not only have the need for asset protection, but just as importantly, asset creation. He goes out of his way to provide customer service and client satisfaction. His impeccable work ethics enable him to maintain and increase his business relationships. Alan makes doing business with him a positive experience; he is down-to-earth, personable, and professional.


Growing up in Spring Valley, NY, Alan's creative mind and early fascination with radio enabled him to follow his dream of becoming an on-air personality - a creative outlet he still enjoys.  His professional radio-broadcasting career has provided him with the opportunity to interview some of the world's most well known celebrities.  Who could ask for more!




Alan could. He realized he also had the need to really help people and that broadcasting did not fulfill that need.  Searching for a rewarding way to help people led Alan to the benefits and insurance field in 1974, where he spent many years representing Mutual of New York. Alan began his career with AFLAC in 2002.  His most satisfying rewards come from clients who have benefitted financially due to Alan's recommendations and dedication. "Money isn't everything, but not having it can make a difficult situation a lot harder."


In addition to helping policyholders, Alan enjoys helping business owners possibly save money. He says, "In today's tough economic times, every dollar a business owner saves is important."  Always striving to maintain his professionalism, he has an LUTCF designation from the Life Underwriter Training Council and the National Association of Life Underwriters.


People are living longer than ever before, but they may not be properly planning for financial crises. Alan's advice and expertise can make the difference between staying afloat or financial ruin in case of unexpected illness, accident, or total disability. Even something commonplace like maternity leave can be a financial hardship for some people. His clientele base of 3,500 attests to Alan's commitment to help others. According to Alan, "When I look at claims on a daily basis, I am amazed at the vast numbers of traumatic experiences occurring in people's lives. Most of these people never thought anything would happen to them, but none of us has a crystal ball that can pinpoint if and when a crisis may occur."


Not only does Alan recommend and implement employee benefit cafeteria plans, but he is also always looking for people who want a phenomenal and rewarding career.  He forms strategic alliances that provide comprehensive benefits to help their clients and those who are looking for additional revenue opportunities. "This is like creating a team of financial experts. People need expertise from many advisors. Often, many professionals are needed to achieve the ultimate successful results for the client."


Next to his passion for business, Alan loves baseball almost as much as he enjoys helping his clients, and is a self-proclaimed baseball and softball fanatic. His hero is Lou Gehrig, who Alan admires and respects because of his commitment and dedication to sportsmanship, his profession, and his team. Alan values his time with family and friends and is content watching a classic movie on TCM or spinning old rock 'n roll records on his 1950's Webcor turntable.


More than just a business contact, Alan wants to get to know you and become your friend. He's got a wealth of personal and professional interests to share with you. You'll discover he's a pretty regular, well -rounded guy that you'll be glad to know.

Alan Diskin
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