Dr. G. Richard Cohen MD

A family tradition of ethics, compassion, and superior health care.

Some dream of following in their parents’ footsteps and such was the case for Dr. Richard Cohen. In the first grade, Richard began accompanying his father (a physician) and mother (a nurse) to the hospital. He took great pride in carrying his father’s medical bag, gazing awe struck as his father made his rounds, tending to the sick and injured. Mesmerized by the miracles of medicine, it became clear to him that one day he too would become a physician.

Richard grew up in Hampton, Virginia. He attended the University of Virginia for his undergraduate degree and medical school, earning his MD in 1979. It was during his residency in Philadelphia at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital that Richard unexpectedly met his soul mate - an artist and health educator and now wife of 28 years. Their love story was “meant to be.” 

On a return flight from Florida, Richard’s parents ran into friends of theirs who were also best friends of his future in-laws. The usual pleasantries were exchanged along with his future wife’s phone number that he didn’t keep. Not long after, as he was leaving a medical school party, a beautiful woman approached him and asked “Excuse me, are you from Virginia? You were supposed to call me.” The rest is history.

During an ophthalmology rotation in his senior year of medical school, Richard discovered his medical calling. He instantly fell in love with ophthalmology and its technology, becoming a cornea and refractive specialist by earning his fellowship at the Tufts-New England Medical Center in Boston. For him, the greatest gift he can give his patients is the gift of sight. Seeing a patient after a successful surgery and sharing in their joy is what Richard Cohen lives for. 

1n 1997, Dr. Cohen and his wife, Alisa, were vacationing and discussing the future of ophthalmology. They both decided to go against convention and invest in the technology of the future. They gathered their life savings and purchased an excimer laser - becoming the first solo practitioner in Palm Beach to offer this treatment option to patients. Colleagues thought this was a risky decision, but understood Dr. Cohen was committed to providing technologically advanced options that were in the best interest of his patients. That commitment continues.

A meticulous cornea specialist, Dr. Cohen is highly regarded by his peers. During his ophthalmology residency, his professor commented that Richard had the “best hands” of any resident he had ever taught. Fellow colleagues continually refer cases to him and national organizations request his input, scholarship, and research. He operates much like he plays tennis (another passion): steady and calculated. His skills have evolved along with the advancements in ophthalmology allowing him to always provide the very best in patient care. Dr. Cohen embraces the advances the science of medicine has to offer; it keeps his passion for medicine alive.  

Dr. Cohen will be the first to tell you how blessed his life is. Aside from his love for medicine, his family is his top priority. He loves being a father and has two sons who are both following in his footsteps: one is entering medical school and the other is a pre-med student. He is unabashedly grateful for his wife and loves to share the story of how they met. They are the essence of loving life partners.

When Dr. Cohen is not giving the gift of sight, you’ll find him giving back to the community. Both he and his wife sit on the boards of several area charities and give generously of their time. He also enjoys his leisure time and likes taking cruises, trips to New York to attend Broadway shows, or snorkeling with his wife and basking in the sunny tranquility of the beach. Tennis remains a life-long passion for Dr. Cohen. Like the late, great, and fellow Virginian Arthur Ashe, Dr. Cohen has tremendous enthusiasm for the game and tries to emulate Ashe’s demeanor on and off the court.

A great surgeon is not only talented and highly educated, but is caring and personable. Dr. Cohen takes pride in treating each patient as if he or she was his only patient. He treats his staff and his patients like family, which explains why he has retained the same compassionate and knowledgeable staff for 17 years. He is hard working and determined to provide the best care possible to his patients 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Most importantly, he has passion for his profession. That passion is what drives him to be the preeminent ophthalmologist he is and man you would like to know. 

Dr. G. Richard Cohen MD

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