Dr. Darin Bush Institute for Non-Surgical Orthopedics

Dr. Darin Bush is an expert on treating chronic pain. He and his colleagues at the Institute for Non-Surgical Orthopedics relentlessly pursues pain’s source, tapping into every clue; every cause; every ounce of training, schooling, knowledge, and resource available to make patients feel better. 

“My goal is that my patients will walk out my door feeling at least 90% better than when they walked in,” he said recently. “Some of my patients come to me as a last hope; we might be the last place they’ve tried. One of the things I do is listen—I relate to patients, listen intently to get to the root of what they are saying. I want to make a difference.”

Mrs. Wallace knew he would. Make a difference, that is.

Darin and his identical twin Darrack sat in Mrs. Wallace’s eighth-grade biology class together. You couldn’t tell one twin from the other unless you took the time to study them. They were both bright, together competing for the top grades in class. Mrs. Wallace encouraged them to do more; try harder; achieve their best. She was an inspiration. She was the type of teacher who loved two things: her students and her subject, which happened to be biology. She may never know the weight of her influence in the twins’ lives—Darin became a physician and Darrack a chiropractor. Even now as Darin’s success in his practice grows, he remembers people like Mrs. Wallace and how they influenced lives for the better—because they cared.

Always an athlete and academic achiever, Darin’s boyhood revolved around sports and school. Darin and Darrack played on the same soccer team; they swam, lifted weights, and played volleyball. They kept each other going, competitively and emotionally, and graduated second and third in their class. The twins were inseparable; they could have taken each others’ exams and no one would have known the difference. But they didn’t need to—either could ace the test. Once they even dated twin girls, to the amusement of classmates. But it wasn’t until Darin discovered theater that their paths slightly parted.

With his youthful good looks, ability to memorize lines, and a remarkable voice, Darin’s acting became a natural outlet. He appeared in several television commercials, a bit of film, and particularly thrived in a local community theater. He starred as the Vietnam draftee Claude in the musical Hair; the Jewish peasant Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof (including a fine rendition of If I Were a Rich Man and Tradition); and the optimistic Hines in The Pajama Game, among other plays. As a busy physician today, Dr. Bush can’t commit time to theater, but he pursues his creative outlet in three-dimensional, mixed-media painting and sculpting. There’s something about the hands-on nature of art and theater that draws him.

Hands-on is the best way to describe Darin Bush. He’s a graduate of the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine, a Board certified Family Physician, a specialist in Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine and interventional pain management techniques, and has studied and practiced extensively in the areas of aesthetic and age management medicine. A typical day is never typical. Dr. Bush might spend time with an elite athlete, a CEO of a large company, or a patient with painful HIV neuropathy. He might see a grandmother in her eighties or a businesswoman in her forties—or twenties or sixties, for that matter.

“My work is never repetitive,” he said. “I never know who or what will walk in that door. That’s what I like about it—every patient is different and every one has a different treatment plan. I take the time to listen—that’s why I’m good at what I do. I get results because I take the time to look ‘outside the box’ for an individual plan that works—because I truly care.”

Thinking outside the box in treating chronic pain has led Dr. Bush to explore the potential of specialized treatments such as prolotherapy. Also known as nonsurgical ligament reconstruction, prolotherapy can be useful for various types of musculoskeletal pain such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, chronic tendonitis, and other maladies associated with ligament degeneration or injury. Prolo stands for proliferation, and the treatment encourages the proliferation or growth of new ligament tissue. An injection into the ligament or tendon causes an increased blood supply, which then stimulates the tissue to repair itself. The principle was first used by Hippocrates and harmonizes with the Orthopaedic postulate of pain based on the body’s amazing ability to heal itself. With a reputation as an expert, Dr. Bush now teaches physicians and medical residents about interventional procedures through medical conferences throughout the U.S. He is also a Clinical Associate Professor at NOVA Southeastern College of Osteopathic Medicine where he teaches residents, students, interns, and fellows. He’s good at what he does—and others recognize it.

Reputation or not, it’s always the patients the keep Dr. Bush’s attention. What will ease their pain? How can I make a difference? How can I show them I care? And every day, he succeeds at answering those questions through his hands-on, caring touch and committed pursuit of excellence in pain management.

Dr. Darin Bush
Institute for Non-Surgical Orthopedics
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